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Best of BL♂Shounen-Ai♂Yaoi♂(So Far)

Great examples of why I love the genre! Give them a shot if you're in the mood for some good BL 。(*^▽^*)ゞ
1 Totally Captivated

Totally Captivated

Most hilarious yaoi I've ever read! The characters, romance, and intense moments were spot on, and the art was very well done. No complaints, very good read <3

(And isn't Ewon just the cutest name???)

2 Moritat


The psychological part of this is just too damn good 👌👌it's sort of a big mystery centering around questions like 'Who's controlling who?' and 'What's real and what's not?'.

We have two 'friends', one from high status birth and one from a lower status, but both of them are intelligent enough that they eventually can't help but manipulate eachother emotionally. Not in some cheesy mastermind way... it's realistic and sometimes subtle, but they are both naturally yearning for the upper hand on the other, probably stemming deep down from a fear of abandonment.

The suspense for this and the whole plotline is insane but pulled off with perfect pacing #^#


3 My Pet Bat

My Pet Bat



4 Blood Bank

Blood Bank

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance

Award for 'most intense storyline paired with legit yaoi' goes toooo (!!) dis. Dis is the shit. ^0^

It involves a serious struggle between vampires and humans, pretty much Seraph of the End style. The humans are treated as livestock and controlled by the vampires' pheromones which bring out extreme fear and obedience in humans. Certain noble vamps look over regions, but turns out the new regent has a whole other side to him that nobody can know about.. he's... a hopeless masochist? Now as unpromising as that last bit might sound, it's handled in a good way, just trust me. It's somehow innocent but droolworthy and never boring. It's not the cliche crap.

Plot twists, amazingly fleshed-out MC, lovely art and good comedy tidbits? Sold.

5 Lonely to Organdy

Lonely to Organdy

A young man packs up from his hometown and moves to Tokyo with his dream of making it big as a singer in his pocket. Things don't go as planned and before he knows it, he's a lonely bachelor letting his guitar pick up dust in the closet... but everything changes when he gets in an accident, because once he gets home, he finds he has a 'new' roommate- a ghost that has apparently been living undetected alongside him for 10 years! But this isn't a cheap comedy, get ready to ball your eyes out; it's absolutely beautiful.

6 At the End of the Road

At the End of the Road

××_includes abuse_×× (with school bullies, but it hasn't been super emotional/disturbing yet)

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance (those dang bullies.. and body switching issues)

Holy shit... this is good; the characters are so interesting and unique ×3× Tbh, I look up to the main guy for how mentally tough he is and he's so sassy, like go my child! Just fyi, the sexual tension ain't no stranger in this one, but other than that, they're taking their time and I like that. The wait is more than worth it, because the storyline really pulls you in, and the art is nice as well. Read the premise, I highly recommend this one!

7 Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun

Samejima-kun and Sasahara-kun

I'd suggest watching it with the drama cd. I watched it on YouTube ages ago but it's hard to find the manga sitting around online. Anyways, this is hot... in an awkward-ish way? Really funny too since it's two close bros graduating to lovers, and we all know the physical stages would rarely happen as smoothly as most mangas make them out to be ×u×

For example, when they were getting intimate for the first time, one of the guys awkwardly thought about how he wished the lights were dimmer. I appreciate the realism because that's something that would probably cross your mind if you were in that situation :3

8 Ashita wa Docchi da!

Ashita wa Docchi da!

Unique setup! The uke is short and cute-looking (his eyelashes are long lol), but he actually kicks ass in fights.. and (bit of a spoiler here) the boy that he likes has a deep disgust for homosexuals, because his parents split when his father came out as gay. 

9 Hopelessly Devoted

Hopelessly Devoted

Such fluff, much wow. Seriously, it's rainbow barf material, I love it

(no regrets for having this be my first real BL manga ^u^)

10 Dark Heaven

Dark Heaven

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance

Wowowow this definitely is memorable for the absurd amount of moving parts happening simultaneously that gradually wound up in the same direction the more the story went on. The story isn't that realistic but it's definitely never stagnant. It involves racism, homophobia, band life, revenge, corrupt corporations, crime, and stalkers.

I think this shines in how we get to see the characters develop their childhood feelings all the way into adulthood. I loved how sweet and funny the couple of them were, always making fun of each other and generally being super fluffy and lovable. The dynamic of them being in a band together was different and cool to see.

Downfalls: The author includes too much meaningless sex that does nothing to advance the plot or character development (like every chapter or more). Aaaand heavy topics are criminally over-simplified; everyone is either good or terrible with no in between.

11 Ten Count

Ten Count

Come on, you should know this one already! Must read.

12 19 Days

19 Days

You may think, 'shit, that's too many chapters!' Noooo, I assure you they're wicked short! The first sixty something chapters were mostly just one page art, and the rest are shorter than ten pages each for the most part. And it's worth it to watch the slow-blooming progress between these two (comical, but realistic) best friends.


13 Oko-sama Star

Oko-sama Star

Oooo, possessiveness, super cuties, and great art ^3^

14 I Hear the Sunspot

I Hear the Sunspot


15 Bloody Mary (Akaza SAMAMIYA)

Bloody Mary (Akaza SAMAMIYA)

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance (legit interesting plot, immortals tired of living, vampires vs humans)

The shounen-ai is very faint so far (I'm on chap13). Nothing physical or even mental has really shown anything more than a bromance between the MCs yet, but I love this one anyway. The vibe is definitely there, so I'll be patient since the story is actually good xD

16 Slow (Kei ICHIKAWA)


So goshdang cute. Slow burn = worth it ♡•♡

17 Blue Sky Complex

Blue Sky Complex

Don't let the 'meh' cover fool ya

Has great humor, well-made characters, and a more realistic romance (less cheesy lines, etc.) ♡♡

18 Seven Days

Seven Days

A boy with a beautiful face disappoints all the girls he dates when they find out his personality doesn't keep up with his looks... but in the very same school, there is a boy so gorgeous inside and out that he openly dates a different girl every week, and leaves each one satisfied but heartbroken with the words 'I couldn't fall in love with you. Let's break up.' What will happen when he tries out a week with the boy that is already sick of getting thrown away?

Cool take on how superficial people can be.

19 Neon Sign Amber

Neon Sign Amber

20 Mousou Elektel

Mousou Elektel

21 Out of Control

Out of Control

Basically, smokin hot tamale starts falling for a 'found it in the back of the fridge but hey it smells slightly edible' tamale (he's unattractive but he's actually super sweet) but as the story goes on, you learn that there's way more to the characters than you ever guessed. Great comedy and cute romance wiiiith a hearty helping of tragedy and death and mental problems (again, showing up later on).

Some downfalls (skip if ya want): once the main couple successfully got together, the conflicts got pretty unbelievable. The antigonists were superficial and flat and kid you not, a rapist got to go home scot-free? Like, call the police because there should be no happy ending without jail time for half the bad guys and gals.... but other than that, the main characters will get you hooked and make it worth it imo ;3

P.S. It's a time investment (we're talking half a day here, with minor breaks) but I finished it back to back on this day off I had wtf, I'm an addict ToT

22 Hatsukoi wa Gunjou ni Tokeru

Hatsukoi wa Gunjou ni Tokeru

××_includes abuse_××

The short 5-chap story of a teen overcoming his past sexual abuse (which was so sad that it made me cry) through a tentative but loving relationship. Very touching :')

23 Lovers and Souls

Lovers and Souls

Get ready for possibly the saddest plot twist of your life ;n;

24 Stranger


I want moreeee... but I can't find it ×.×

25 Konya mo Nemurenai

Konya mo Nemurenai

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance (supernatural adventure, demon-world hopping)

26 Vampire Library

Vampire Library


27 Motto! Hinekure Chaser

Motto! Hinekure Chaser

Short n' sweet one for those who like rougher, sadistic relationships O///O

28 The Red String of Fate

The Red String of Fate

It's so cute?! (waiting for chapter 4 scanlations)

Basically, everyone in that universe has a severed 'string of fate' tied to their finger, and when two soulmates meet, their strings connect. But nobody can see these lil handy dandy love-strings EXCEPT the guy in the front cover there. But at least, after years of waiting, his string finally connects to someone! But wait a minute, on the other end of the string.. is a random.... dude? Hell no! And so commences the battle between one man and fate! >.<

This makes for some good comedy because it seems like neither of them had any idea that they were gay/bi but they're both still undeniably drawn to each other. Greaaaat art too.

29 Brother Auto Spot

Brother Auto Spot


30 Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara

Ano Hi no Kimi wo Dakishimeta nara

××_includes abuse_××

Deals with ongoing abuse in a serious way; doesn't mess around with that. Also, the romance is very relatable (imho)

31 Yata & Momo

Yata & Momo

××_includes abuse_××

This is probably a hit or miss, but I really love it so far. The only problem is that the couple gets busy A LOT, but the thing is, the uke entered prostitution at an extremely young age; it's what he's used to. I would recommend reading the one shot first so you can understand the uke, otherwise this might come off as straight smut. The unique characters (and artwork) really make this one stand out in my book though

32 XXX Allergy

XXX Allergy

Best one-shot. And rabbitssssss OwO

33 Jackass!


It's soooooo freaking well written.. One of the best for dialogue I've ever read really!

The characters are realistic as hell and well developed for such a short story. So yeah, love it, the art was quite nice and this puppy was super hot too because the intimate scenes weren't forced or cliché. Comedic and creative woot woot ; >

34 Shinpu-sama no Kyuuketsuki

Shinpu-sama no Kyuuketsuki

The English title is 'Father's Vampire'. This is because a priest has captured a vampire, marking him with a seal that he could use to reduce the little guy to ashes any time. The vampire first stayed because of this blackmail, but now he has become addicted to the priest's blood and made some 'odd' friends at the chapel x)

35 Smells Like Green Spirit

Smells Like Green Spirit

I haven't gotten to the end of it (not completely scanlated), but it's great so far >u<

Mostly focuses on how two people born male (a sweetie and a jock-ish type) who like to express themselves in traditionally fem ways and become friends over it as of yet

36 ≠ - Not Equal

≠ - Not Equal

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance (time-travel)

If you're here you're not allowed to judge me so here it goes. The incest (I know I know... it's father and son :<) is treated with respect, in a quite innocent way with real love between them (not fetish-y, thank goodness)... surprisingly good. This couldn't have been done right in any other way, time travel was the only way I wouldn't throw up I promise it's not as terrible as you think >●<

37 Suki na Hito Hodo

Suki na Hito Hodo

Lol, two co-workers ; 3

The senpai is quite the bully to his fairly normal kohai but he can actually be a bit of a teddy bear, and when he shows his soft side?? It's just the cutest thing, and the comedy is really great too! Alright, I think I like this author ♡//♡

Tbh, I would've liked if the senpai had a more serious history with abuse because, while he did experience it, it was with some comedic character who was let off the hook for it >.> That part could've been really interesting if that weren't the case. But still, it's good :)

38 Running on Empty

Running on Empty

+includes+ significant conflict/aspect other than romance (criminal on the run)


39 Houkago Edge

Houkago Edge

The characters aren't trying to be pure or cute; they're just trying to be their honest selves >o<

40 Mitsumei


41 Maou no Amai Keiyaku

Maou no Amai Keiyaku

Fack, why they so cute

42 Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito

Sangen Tonari no Tooi Hito

Love the MC (white haired guy)

43 Count


HELLA unique premise. A guy has gained a mysterious gift/curse of seeing counters attached to everyone's heads, each one racking up how many lies that person has ever told in their lifetime. Because of this, he has learned to judge people by their numbers and distrust the majority of those around him... that is, until he meets a boy who has managed not to tell a single lie! Jackpot! Little does he know the boy who's caught his attention is brutally honest to a fault. What will their relationship become, and where did his ability come from? Can he be cured and does he even want to be free of it?

The only downfall I saw was that these guys get busy quick. And often lawls. Also, they don't struggle with liking a guy/realizing they're gay, but that wasn't a big deal just slightly less realistic imho. And the sexy scenes aren't hot, just there. Meh. But it's saved by the uniqueness, great characters, awesome humor, and interesting timehop to their adult lives in the second half (called Count H while the first half is called Count 0, they're actually two separate, intertwined books).

44 Fools


Only read just over ten chapters so far but it's been pretty friggin cute ^___^

Basically, an uptight upperclassman is slowly falling in love with this friendly little freshman at his school. The senior doesn't know he's gay/bi so he's quietly trying to hide and fight it.

45 Soshite Tsuzuki Ga Aru No Nara

Soshite Tsuzuki Ga Aru No Nara

Ooo, I knew I'd run into a mangaka and editor BL one day >3<

46 Koisuru Futari no Taion

Koisuru Futari no Taion

Not every day that you see anything like a scent fetish relationship that's actually cute

47 Me o Tojite 3-Byou

Me o Tojite 3-Byou

I swear the author has been in the situation that the characters are in. The best friends that know they want more x3

48 Kiraboshi Dial

Kiraboshi Dial

49 Strawberry no Yuuutsu

Strawberry no Yuuutsu

Why does this have such meh ratings? I mean, its focus is a polygamous relationship but I think it's an interesting step away from the usual. This lil ride is memorable, steamy and the characters are likable and surprisingly realistic considering the circumstances. Liked it (=3=)b

50 Sorekara, Kimi o Kangaeru

Sorekara, Kimi o Kangaeru

1st and 2nd story: not bad but sad endings 💩

3rd st- 100% PURE, 100% QUEER I LOVE IT I WANT 100 CHAPTERS ANd it's over 😢😢♫ you look so pretty but you're gone so soon

Basically, a shy boy is trying to let a pushy girl down easy so he quickly grabs a guy near him and says he's actually gay for this schmuck and asks him out right there to prove it. It saved him from the chick but the kicker is the guy he grabbed actually took him up on his confession but he's just the sweetest little delinquent cinnamon roll like holy mother of God protect this child amen

4th story: A'ight in terms of romance, nice life lesson at the end :)


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Suzume18 Apr 26, 2023

It's bl and yaoi one male has blue hair who is cold hearted and tsundere vibes but he has a very sweet voice another one is a student who has yellow hair , extrovert always active and is particular about sweet voice and gets attracted to it. So the yellow hair orders a sex toy once when no one is home and in the phone he speaks with that blue hair guy and melts for that voice and masturbates.. He calls him jerk and cuts the call.. That blue hair guy actually works a part time job for his friend to sell sex toy. That blue guy friend gets to know this and and takes advantage of that yellow guy but that blue guy will save him.After he meets that blue hair guy he keeps pestering him to love him back but that blue hair guy thinks that yellow guy wants have sex so only he is doing all this but he doesn't know that yellow guy truly loves him at the end they have a rough sex to which yellow hair guy cries cause it's his first time but later when blue guy gets to know he feels sorry for him and starts to love him back... Later blue guy uses a sex toy on yellow guy so that he control his cum for the first time and compliments him for doing a good job

I don't remember the title properly can anyone tell me the name of this manga?????. It might be something like so sweet voice of you or something I don't know.. Please help if you know

soulwaitress Feb 22, 2023

Hii I wanna know that manga it's also black and white And the bottom marries the tops daughter and he starts to have and uk does different sex plays and the bottom gets used to it and the top is handsome but a Lil old and the bottom is so sexy not only that there's a scene where the delivery guy comes and see frm a Lil peek of the outfit i guess a maid?? Not sure but pls help me this manga was just soooo good

Animeaddictedfreak Jan 14, 2023

Anyone know of a bl that is an office worker and goes to a bunny boy brothel an finds a cute and innocent straight boy with muscles and slowly makes him his boyfriend I don't remember the name and I need it also our MC is a top Idk anything else 

HanaloveBL Nov 18, 2021

Does anyone know a bl manga where the boy escape and went back to his old hometown where he met an old friend who loss his memory.

Alyv4 Sep 25, 2021

Can anyone pls helppp me. I've been trying to find this manga I read before. This tapi manga is about the seme CEO who plays with all guys, and then met the uke an employee in his company, he plays with him as well. Then broke his heart. Then the uke moves workplace, and changes appearance, took off his glasses and looked cool. Then after time passed seme finally realised he fell in love with the uke, he got depressed, apology rejected by the uke, then the seme fainted in a meeting. Etc. 

Anyone knows the title?