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Anime Scenes That Made Me Cry Like a Baby

I'm talking, pause the show, because it's too much and my tears would block the subtitles. (I've attempted to write down the scenes without too many spoilers) ALL ABOARD THE FEELS TRAIN! Choo, choo motherf***er. Tissue...

Best of BL♂Shounen-Ai♂Yaoi♂(So Far)

Great examples of why I love the genre! Give them a shot if you're in the mood for some good BL 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Character Look-alikes

☆Alpha Doppelganger☆ = The version that I encountered first/The original (from my POV) & ★Favorite Doppelganger★ = My preferred version of each pair --- Do you agree with this list? I'd love to hear your thoughts on...

°♡-BL Manga Mountain-♡°

One of these days, this list will reach 666 and reflect my sins 😄😄 (that day was upon us sooner than expected) May we both enjoy my loose want-to-read mountain; tons of them haven't even been marked with any BL tags so...