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Ismeretlenember May 3, 2018


I'm so so sorry for i was not online for half year.

I hope,that you understand it,but i have nothing time for internet,but i was busy.

I wonder that you have a nice year so far,it's very very very very very late,but HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thanks for the Happy New Year comment,that was so cool,good job!

ShukishiWakai Apr 30, 2018

 stealin some of ur recommended manga thx ;P

Natagami Apr 10, 2018

I swing bye once again to bring civil unrest and mayhem at this ungodly hour Muahahahaha!

Started getting into anime again lately so will probs be on here more often now ask Marc to tell you about Baby Kyle all his fault btw oh an we might actually start heading back north within the next week and a half so hope to see you guys soon. 

SONNYxq Apr 9, 2018

Hii Haha

Noucome~ Do you like me?

Is so hilarious ahaha

sushisushisushi Apr 7, 2018

thanks for the follow. :)

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