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KonaIzumi Apr 16, 2015

Ao no Exorcist was a really great anime :3

My favorite series of all time? Hm... that's really hard to choose >< I've a list divided in two genres with all the anime I really like, if you wanna check it out, I could give you the link :D or just check it where it says 'LIST' in my profile ^^

KonaIzumi Apr 14, 2015

Your welcome! ^^

How are you? :3

KonaIzumi Apr 14, 2015

(●ゝω)ノ Hi !! and welcome to A-P ~

Hope you get to find lot of new anime/manga, make lot of new friends and enjoy your stay here !!

Feel free to write me back!

Kona-chan (^_-)-☆