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I read this awhile ago and forgot to review it but I'm just gonna talk about what I remember most and why I hate it.

Extremely childish. The amount of girl on girl crime is insane. I despise the trope of fan club hating the new girl for being pretty, because it's just rooted is misogyny and honestly just puts me off a story because there's always "slut" comments made.

Now the FL? Worst I've seen in awhile, she literally does not talk and doesn't interact with other characters. Yes I know that's the point, she's traumatized after being bullied for being hotter than everyone else. Boo-fuckin-hoo.

Part of her arc is learning to socialise because she's characterised as socially inept and i recognise that, what I'm saying is she's still a piss poor character anyway. Socially inept characters can still be likable. Asshole/rude/mean characters can still be likable. They just need depth.

Maria has no depth outside of "being more childish than people think."

My head hurt reading this, 100% would not recommend, the manga summary is a liar.

4/10 story
3/10 art
2/10 characters
4/10 overall

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