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This story is quite literally batshit, and I'm obsessed. Do NOT read it if you get triggered by dubcon or in general find dubcon or straight up noncon unreadable. I will say though, that if you want a interesting reading experience, try get as far as you can with this one. My god. At first, I was just weirded out by the behaviour and how everything is handled by the main characters but it felt WAY more clear to me later when I was reading the 5-7 chapters. Holy shit. So far, 7 is by far my favourite chapter, and it might be yours also if you give this story a chance. Interestingly fucked but lighthearted story about an obsessive but cute stalker and a Suspiciously Chill and funny female lead. Seriously recommend if you're able to stomach that sort of thing!

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8/10 overall
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