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Hey! I'm Uni. I am a gremlin and local enthusiast/professor of The Pillows. I also like anime. That too. All the ratings on anime I have are based purely on enjoyment I got from the show.

Here's some anime I like: 


My Favorite Anime is FLCL 

flcl GIFs - Primo GIF - Latest Animated GIFs



But I also like: 

Pin by Nicole Mackay on kyousougiga | Anime, Eyebrow game strong, Eyebrow  game



Arakawa Under The Bridge Niño GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Arakawa Under The Bridge 


Latest Toradora GIFs | Gfycat




spice and wolf spicy wolf gif | WiffleGif

Spice and Wolf 



Golden Kamuy




فيلم الانمي Cencoroll مترجم - عرب ساما | Anime

Cencoroll 1 & 2


Gintama GIF - Find on GIFER



mushishi gif | Tumblr



And More! 

Some manga I like include but are not limited to: Lucifer and The Biscuit Hammer, Naze Da Naitou, Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, XXXHolic, Voynich Hotel, and many more! 


Hope we can be friends! (/^▽^)/

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Oblithian Sep 18, 2022

I can't believe it's already been almost 4 years since you joined. Time flies.  Glad you enjoyed Gintama.

OkamiHime95 Jul 11, 2022

No problem! I actually forgot to mention that I'm also into Larc en ciel lol. 

Oh no! :( I'm so sorry. Take all the time you need then. I just saw your post in the WMMD/WRMD thread, and well, I'm not sure what to say other than I hope you get answers, and things will be better. I deal with anxiety/social anxiety myself, so I definitely feel for ya in that regard.

OkamiHime95 Jul 10, 2022


So, about that Japanese music recommendation list...

Do you need me to give some examples of what I'm into thus far, or..?

Tbh, it's kinda hard for me to describe genre-wise, but here are the Japanese bands/singers I like so far:

Gackt, Kamijo, Versailles, Lisa, Aimer, Dead End, Plastic Tree, Soft Ballet, Buck-Tick, Atsushi Sakurai, Sumika(sp?), Official Hige-Dandism, Goose House, Kana boon, Sid, Nightmare, Der Zibet, Malice Mizer, Acid Black Cherry, D/Asagi. (There's more, but I can't remember their names rn.)

I hate stuff like Dadorama, most of The Gazettes songs, and  most of Nocturnal Bloodlusts songs, because they are way too graphic and screamy for me personally. (It's fine if other people like them, but most of their music just makes me...uncomfortable...)

Anyways, hope that helps. You can just PM me the YouTube links to the songs and the details, etc.

PS: Sorry if my comment looks weird for some reason. I'm using my phone at the moment, and ain't used to commenting/messaging this way that much lol. xD

Well, have a good night.


VNGz Jul 8, 2022

My plug for anime!!

ACrankyOldMan Jun 23, 2022

Not a huge fan of konoha, and the story with the kid but I really like the relationship between Kano and Kido.I do like Ene and her story. Seto and Mary are a little meh but then I have a weak spot for azumi. Normally not big on the whole power ranger color coded thing but it does work here since it reminds me more of street art. Plenty of things to dislike and things to really like... I do want to rewatch the show, the movie wasn't a great experience due to the absolutely horrible subs