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FullmetalDragon Aug 17, 2018

Why not try? Just because I've seen more, doesn't mean there isn't anything you can recommend me :P 

FullmetalDragon Jul 30, 2018

Oh no D: Thank god for the internet then XD I'm sure you'll find some more otaku soon though, we're everywhere. everywhereeeee~ 

Ok, so I may have gotten a little excited with coming up with recs. Action is one of my favourite genres, so I'm always happy to give more recs if you need them :P I'll just do a quick summary for each of them though.

Land of the Lustrous

Positives: The art is fucking GORGEOUS (oh, and the plot's a damn masterpiece, etc.)

Negatives: You will cry. A lot.

Mob Psycho 100

Positives: Fun as heck

Negatives: Plot's kinda slow


Positives: Great characters

Negatives: It's another damn isekai T_T (if you haven't already overdone this genre for yourself though, would 100% recommend)

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon

Positives: Bell is the most adorable shounen protaganist I've come across

Negatives: The title's too damn long


Positives: Great plot and characters

Negatives: Very gorey (although I'd argue that's a positive), ending feels like a bit of a cop out

K Project

Positives: The artttttt (I have a thing for good animation)

Negatives: All bar a few of the characters are in need of a good punch in the face


Positives: One of those series you don't even realise you like until you remember you literally just binged every single episode straight

Negatives: Episodes are super long

Well, that's a fairly random selection, but they're all awesome, so I'd definitley give them all a try! 

Do you have any anime you'd recommend to me?

Morgiana26 Jul 19, 2018

Me too I watched anime like yugioh and pokemon back when I thought they were cartoons. And nice to meet you by the way .

Morgiana26 Jul 16, 2018

 Hi ! Welcome to Anime Planet ! If you ever need help with the site or just want to chat feel free to pm me.

sailor moon smile GIF

FullmetalDragon Jun 9, 2018

Hey, thanks for following me ^^ I'm following you back now! 

How are you? Watching any good anime at the moment?