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Yo if you stumbled acroos this profile expecting a grand opening well im sorry i let you down and to those who didnt expect a thing well i didnt either. 

Now i dont want to give my actual name but i have made a character based on me so you can call me by his name. His name is Dantè (I forgot to mention) with that out of the way ill tell you a bit about myself.

I am a survivor, I have won my battles over cancer 2 times now and well i put a lot of hard work to recover from all that. But thats all in the past and one can't stay trapped in the passed now can they. After all that happened all ive strived for is success and nothing less of it. I will be an architect when i graduate from College/University. I also write books tho non have actually been published i still wrote them and am working on getting them illustrated. It may seem that i have a lot of time on my hands when you look at how many anime ive watched but in reality i dont have much time on my hands cause of school.

My hobbies (When i have free time) are playing Guitar, Trumpet, listening to mexican music, internet rappers, italian music, jazz, and many songs from the 50' and 60' time periods in the US. I enjoy drawing, i even made a youtube channel so if you wanna ,i dunno check it out that would be great you know😁. I also love to play games. My favorite game is the DOOM franchise and i will finish playing 2016 and eternal on their hardest difficulties. (I like challenging myself) i will probably start playing when spring break hits or summer when i get away from school. In case you are interested my favorite genres are Action, Mature Violence, Comedy, Gag, some romance, and slice of life.

Now to my 5 favorite anime

1. Jojo's Bizarre Adventures part 3 

2. Dragon ball/z/Super (Gt was ok)


4. K:seven Stories Movie 5 Memory Of Red ~Burn~ (Iliked this movie better than the anime just cause Mikoto was main character)

5. GTO (Changed)

Honorable mentions: Daily Lives Of High School Boys, Konosuba, one Punch Man, Overlord, Steins Gate, and the Grisaia series. (I know its a long honerable list)

Favorite 5 manga

1. Berserk

2. Jojo's Bizarre Adventures Steel Ball Run (part 7)

3. Togari or Chainsaw man

4. Devilman

5. Goblin Slayer

Honorable mentions: the way of the household husband, Sanctuary, and Dragon ball(z/super)

That's it and if you are reading this that means you care enough about my page to read all this so thanks. If you ever wanna talk ill try my best to make time and just chill.

Link to my youtube if youre interested at all: 



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hiyorii Jun 27, 2021

Thank you for following me back! I really like your profile btw :D I hope you have a great day/night!

sanjishairylegs Jun 19, 2021

awww yeah ofc :)) ty for the follow back btw ahjkssk

DoubleBlade Mar 4, 2021

Hey, sorry it took me so long to reply! Cool song choices! I haven't heard all of them yet, I will check them out :)

I would love to talk about writing with you, feel free to friend me on discord (DoubleBlade #2254)


layanya Feb 24, 2021

hey! thinks for the recommendation, ill be sure to :')

HarukaMURAKAMI Feb 23, 2021

Oh cool I'll definitely check out the manga then