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Dagashi Kashi

Apr 9, 2018

Dagashi Kashi is a comedic Slice of Life anime based around cheap snacks called Dagashi. Our anime takes place at the countryside of Japan in which a young boy named Kokonotsu Shikada dreams of being a manga artist. He lives with his father Yo Shikada, who runs a nine generation old family buisness sweet shop. However, a bit after his father leaves a girl by the name of Hotaru Shidare comes looking for him on the terms of buisness. Kokonotsu soon comes to find that this girl is not only obsessed with dagashi, but is here to bring Yo Shikada back with her to work for her family's sweet manufacturer. When Yo gets told about the offer he declines on the fact that his son won't take over the family business. However, if Hotaru can change Kokonotsu's mind about taking it over he will come.

Story: (2/10)
Where to start with this "Story", well I know, lets start with the fact that there isn't really a story to Dagashi Kashi. Starting with the first episode there is a story, but by about the third episode it is about lost entirely until later picked back up on the last episode of the first season. Another thing that bugged me throughout the entire anime was the romantic tension that was given off. Yes, I know there is a second season, but I have yet to watch it. When I do watch it I will review it, till then there is romantic tension that ends up dead. What is the point of having the characters like each other when nothing is done with it. Another thing that this anime does is that it feels like it is just teaching me about these cheap snacks while being pervy quite often.

Animation and Design: (9/10)
The design and animation of Dagashi Kashi is fairly well done in the sense that all of the characters and dagashi mascots looks really well done. The mascots are drawn to a detail and I love that due to them being pretty important throughout the anime. The design and setting of the countryside is also believable in a way that I feel like I am there.

Sound: (9.5/10)
The sound of Dagashi Kashi is very well done in the sense that with everything that is going on in the anime there is either matching music or great sound effects.

Characters: (7/10)
The characters personalities are well made, but something is missing. Eventually like I said the romance shows up, but only shows up every now and then. Other than this, I don't know to much more about them other than what is listed below along with a few memories/flashbacks.

Kokonotsu Shikada (Coconuts)
1) Main character, dreams to be a manga artist.
2) Gets in some heated dagashi challenges with Hotaru.
3) A bit of a perv around Hotaru and seems to like her.

Yo Shikada
1) Secondary character, father to Kokonotsu and ownder of the Shikada sweet shop.
2) Is invited to join the Shidare manufacturing company.
3) Is rather nutty and a bit childish.

Hotaru Shidare
1) Main character, is obsessed with dagashi.
2) Trying to get Kokonotsu to take over his family's sweet shop.
3) A complete know-it-all when it comes to dagashi.

Saya Endo
1) Secondary character, childhood friend of Kokonotsu and has a crush on him.
2) Works at her family's coffee shop.
3) Is really good at games, despite really know what she is doing.

To Endo
1) Secondary character, childhood friend of Kokonotsu.
2) Is obviously Saya's brother and I think works at the Coffee shop.

Overall: (7/10)
Overall what I would say about Dagashi Kashi is that it is okay. It isn't all that amazing for the multiple reasons. The main reason why is the plot, where is it? Where did that darn story run off to? Hopefully in the second season they go back to the plot and stick with it, rather than just tell me facts and information about snack foods. Along with this they better do something with that romantic tension that they created, I will be quite dissapointed if they do nothing with it.

Eventually will be updating this review to add a link to a video review I plan on doing for this anime!

2/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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