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My Reviews are on Pause while I work on my channel and try getting to 1,000 subscribers. Once I hit a milestone I will start on reviews again!

Hello Peeps! My name is Patrick, but you can call me UltimoFive. I am a small Youtuber that makes videos, I mean what else would a youtuber do. My videos currently are focusing around: Reviews on Anime and Games, Vines on Anime and Cartoons, and Playthroughs on Games that I really enjoy! Now this is a very wide range of videos I do, so it is a bit to take in and accomplish making videos for all three category's, but I love to do these type of videos! Right now i work full time, so I can't really make videos as often as I would like to. But, when I get a following I plan on quitting and just become a Youtuber, so it would be amazing if you peeps check out my Youtube Channel and possibly subscribe!

My Youtube Channel!!

First Review Video: Blend S Review

Blend S

Second Review Video: Nichijou

Third Review Video: Eromanga Sensei

Fourth Review Video: KonoSuba

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