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Dr. Stone

Sep 25, 2019

The characters are all unique, the animation is good and the music fits right in. This Anime is "one billion percent" in my top 3 animes. But not everything in this Anime is perfect..

Lets start with the PLOT TWISTS. Its always there in every. single. anime. You just cant avoid it. Plot twists, plot armor, etc. are everywhere. But in this anime, they arent that many. Most of the hard work doesnt get shown/illustrated, but we know they work hard in the Anime in order to obtain that stuff. Many people think its just plot twist that they "magically found what they needed" but we also get shown how fast a day passes for them.

Tsukasa. Yes, he is the biggest mistake they did so far. Its just ridiculous how Tsukasa went from "I´ll help you" to "Science must die and so shall you". I actually liked Tsukasa (tho i never really trusted him) and i hoped for him to actually be a good guy. In his mind, he IS a good guy, but obviously isnt.

Long story short: Some plot twists but also great animation, story and music + atmosphere. Unique characters that you wont be able to forget.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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AntonioLI25 Dec 21, 2019

There are couple of things in which I disagree:

First of all, the characters are not unique, they are actually very basic and nearly generic. Maybe you can tell apart for Senku, but characters like him have already being shown before. And Tsukasa is one of the dumbest villains of the year.

And second, you point out elements that reduce the quality of the story significantlty, yet you still giving an 8/10 to the story? This doesn't make sense.