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Sword Art Online

Jan 15, 2014

*Don't worry No Spoilers*

Lets see were to start with this amazing Anime...

Story: Alright the story... Now the story is pretty gripping and paced out nicely, the charachters develop well and the whole timing of the story makes sense. What is really great about the story is that it's not extremly predictible leaving some great twists and changes that effect the story throughout.

Animation: There is some really amazing art in this anime which truly brings the world to life in a way that I just can't take my eyes off, it's well thought out and wonderfully designed giving your eyes a nice treat!

Sound: now I'll start with the voice acting here. Lets start with an unpopular opinion (hey it's my review, so my opinions ;D) I love the dubbed version! Of course the subbed is great and it's completly up to you which is your preference but for me the dubbed really worked out and the voices sound perfect for each character. Now as for the OST (and I looooove OSTs more than anyone I know (maybe)) 




I've listened to it on its own while doing various things such as working and time flew by!

Characters: ahhh EVERY character in this anime is so unique and memorable and it is my favourite thing about it! I love all the characters they're lovable and compliment (both literally and figuratively) eachother sooo well! 

Overall: I love it! Now I haven't seen many animes but overall this is the best anime I've seen and it just feels like something I would love to watch again! I recommend if you haven't seen it and you love Action, adventure and romance I urge you to try this anime out!

Bring on Sword Art Online II!

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall

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MG20010604 Sep 28, 2021

adr2013 read and watch sao ok lol 

MG20010604 Sep 28, 2021

sao is really good 

adr2013 Nov 21, 2016

Being unpredictable is not a merit, kirito is a gary stu, whitout personality (literally), it is full of female archetipes, it has characters that die in the same episode they appear and the series tries you to take serious their deaths (like in episode 3), the villians are unidimensional and they have no motivitions.