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~~===================Who are you?===================~~

"Tell me your thoughts on it, I find it vexatious-"

"What topic hath earned your enmity?"

"Life is a Caravanserai of delights, but death is our destined lot. The only difference is for how long one eludes it."

"You voice all this to what end?"

"If the grave is one's only aspiration and guarantee, then life is a bleak path with little to recommend it. Wherefore this brief season of breath milady? What reason compels us to live?"


"You would laugh?! For what reason?!"

"The gall of such conceit. Tiny forms of life, there are which 'scape the naked eye. They do not demand “Wherefore?” of the cosmos. Go die if life without reason is so loathsome to you."

~~===================Can You Really Hear My Song?===================~~


My Name is Zach, but you can call me Turky! Find me on the forums!

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Nagisa Shiota

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Assassination Classroom

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Kino's Journey



Space Dandy

Fullmetal Alchemist

Mob Psycho 100


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Gurren Lagann

Violet Evergarden

Made in Abyss


Vinland Saga

The Tatami Galaxy

Fruits Basket

Serial Experiments Lain

Megalo Box


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brokensaint058 Dec 28, 2019


I have found your review on My Girlfriend is Shobitch by chance and I liked your wording on that dumpster fire.

Then I followed you here and found your profile highly enjoyable to read. I am also a fellow Steins;Gate and Gurren Lagann fan, not sure about your stance on FLCL though. You posted the gif from the newer adaptation and I didn't like that tbh, both new versions seem to miss the point of what the original stood for.

Enjoy your end of year festivities and wishing you more anime and gaming goodness in the coming year and eventually fully graduating by 2021.


hinatahonoka Dec 28, 2019

hi!! ah it was great. thanks!!

LavanderGirl Dec 14, 2019

I see. It will make me wonder what your opinion of her would be in the future, when it comes.

I’d defintantly be curious. Thank you very much for your answer. 

LavanderGirl Dec 14, 2019

Just curious. Why don’t you like Emma (The Promised Neverland)?

Do you think you might change your opinion of her as the series goes on? Just curious.

I have read most of your posts in the forum as well. 

candydr0ps Dec 12, 2019

NPSDO4KY u didnt have to delete it i thought it was kinda funny

yea i know i still love them n all but i understand if some people dont its ndb!!