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Hello, welcome to my profile! I am new to Anime-Planet so I apologize if I mess anything up or get anything wrong. But, I am not new to anime as a whole. I have a Myanimelist account where I have my updated anime list ( Not completely 100%). I will not be updating my anime list here because the complete thing is massive, but I will have my manga list and a few other things~


My name's Kurumi! That's not my real name, but I go by it online. Anyway , I'm 13 years old and female. I have been watching anime since forever and manga shortly after that. I also play visual novels, and I occasionally read light novels.

My favorite genres are slice of life, comedy, CGDCT, romance ( Its doesn't matter if it is het or homo :) ), romcom, drama, and fantasy. 

My least favorite genres are yaoi/shoujo-ai, horror, and gore.

I like making new friends! So feel free to drop by and comment ^^

Nice to meet you all :)

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Ellogegamer Dec 14, 2017

Hello! How are you?

Thank you for following me! I'm following you too! :)

ChalamiuS Oct 22, 2017

Joining DAMC or DMMC is just a matter of telling one of us organisers that you have an interest in joining so yes, welcome to the Daily Anime Marathon Club. We'll notify you when the next marathon starts but I'd recommend setting DAMC as a watched thread on the forum so you get an email when something is posted in it.