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Hey there. I'm just an ordinary teen who loves to watch anime.

My hobbies are football (soccer), playing videogames and listening to music (especially anime openings).

The first anime I've seen was probably Pokémon, Naruto, or Detective Conan, but at that time I didn't even know what anime is. I started watching anime regularly in July 2017 starting with anime named Prison School. When I saw some scenes from the anime, I just had to watch it.


My MyAnimeList (with more accurate ratings) : CLICK HERE


Anime genres I like the most: Horror, Romance, Slice of life, Ecchi, Drama, Comedy

Anime genres I dislike: Sports, Yaoi

MY TOP ANIME (not sorted from best to worst or vice versa)


⭐5    -  Amazing, great, wonderful. This anime probably evoked some big feelings inside me and I enjoyed every goddamn second of it. This anime is a must-see for every anime fan, and I recommend it to everyone with all my heart.

⭐4,5 -  Really good. I enjoyed this anime very much and there wasn't anything bad to point out. It just lacked that "something"  that would make me give this anime 5. This anime will for sure remain in my memory and I would gladly recommend it to any anime fan.

⭐4    -  Overall nice anime I enjoyed but there were some passages that were just "weaker" or a little bit boring. This anime is the definition of good but I've seen better. I recommend it but not to everyone.

⭐3,5 -  A decent anime that I might have enjoyed but it didn't evoke any feelings inside me and I'm pretty certain it won't stay in my memory for too long and I will eventually, forget about most of it at some point. Some passages were boring and uninteresting but watching this anime all the way till the end wasn't a problem.

⭐3    -  Mediocre. This anime wasn't good nor was it bad. Half of the anime was boring and bland and the other half was decent/good. I had trouble with watching it to the end a bit. I'm in a neutral position in terms of recommendation.

⭐2,5 -  Bad. I probably even didn't watch it to the end and I either stalled it or downright dropped it. This anime didn't give me anything but it still has some bright sides. I don't recommend it.

⭐2    -  Really bad. I either stalled it or dropped it and if I did watch the whole anime, then I gave those 2 stars only because of the art style or because of the fact I was able to watch it to the end.

⭐1,5 -  Dreadful. It is almost guaranteed that I dropped this anime and I'm really not keen on watching it ever again.

⭐1    -  Same as the 1,5⭐ - dreadful and terrible. 100% dropped it after 1-3 episodes. Totally boring and uninteresting.

⭐0,5 - Trash. Just complete trash. 100% dropped it. The only exception so far is Pupa that I watched all the way to the end and this anime really didn't give me anything. It was boring and stupid on top of that. The only reason I've seen the whole show was because 1 episode was only 5 minutes long so it was bearable.



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lindapearl Oct 11, 2017

Hello, welcome to anime planet. Hope you enjoy your time here