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Can we just step back for a moment and leave the anime?

It is awful. And I'm not overexaggerating. There are people that dislike or even hate any anime, but In Another World With My Smartphone has a much larger number than an average anime. 


Well, let's start off with the main character. He has pretty much all the anime 'good guy main character that is overpowered but we don't want him to seem so' stereotypes. It is obvious from the start that he will become pretty much a god of this world. You don't even need to look far into the non-existent plot to find that information.

Next let's talk about that guy's cellphone. Like, I understand that if a person travelled to a place that has nothing of the sort and would start using their cellphone they would get famous. And plus, if he has a normal cellphone, it needs to charge. Since the world he landed in has no concept of cellphones, they probably don't have outlets either. So where does he charge it? Or did God make it so that his cellphone doesn't need to be charged?

Then there's his power that he can learn any power/ spell thing. He already has a cellphone, why would he also need such power in addition? Or was that power added by the creator so that they could have girls teach him spells?

And that leads me to my next point. The girls. All of them are in love with the main character. Even some girls that are still children. They fall in love with that guy who isn't even all that handsome and isn't known. All of the girls in the anime. And they also all have gigantic bosoms. Why? Did the creator just want to animate extremely weird things?

Oh and about extremely weird things. Why all the unnecessary scenes where clothes melt off or something along the lines?

I do not approve at all of this anime. Actually, I do not approve of this anime's existence. I'm not saying that I'm right though. That was merely my opinion, and if you like this anime, I am not going to judge you, but I am genuinely curious as to why you like it. So if you're a fan of this anime, I would really appreciate if you told me why.

0.2/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
0.2/10 overall
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