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~ I like horror, fantasy & parodies. ~

The characters in my banner are from Hell girl, Elfen lied and Future diary.

I write news in my own comments.
My latest demotivational posters & comics at my site: Bananapoop.

Quiz about personality types: humanmetrics and 16personalities
I'm the rarest INFJ. I get INTJ in the second test.
My hypersensitive nervous system makes me very intelligent, but I also have intense emotions.
Canadians are known for being overly nice, but we can be crazy badasses like Deadpool.

I want knowledge. I want truth.
The greatest control is the ability to let go.

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Mario99211 Aug 11, 2017

What are you talking about hajime and saitama?

Did i mis somthing...

ZanTix Feb 13, 2017

Hey~ I tried watching Attack on Titan, I just couldn't get into it lol, the MC felt too much like Naruto. But it looks like the movie for Overlord will just be a recap of season 1 from what I hear.

Also on your situation, I'd just try my best to move forward, I'm the type of person that goes with the flow, so I tend not to let things hold me back. So try to forget about it and avoid people like that.

Hope you have a great day~

ZanTix Feb 13, 2017

Hey~ It's great to hear from you again. Glad to see you are doing well. That's about everything I got for art lol, if I plan on making more I'll post it here if I can. 

Oh I am defintely looking forward to Overlord's next season as well! I went over to their Facebook page to see what was going on and it looks like they're releasing a movie sometime in March as well as season 2! Look forward to it~

Have a great day as well~

TreeOfWolf Feb 12, 2017


In the past year, I've met 3 narcissists. They have no empathy, are manipulatives and demand admiration like agressive junkies. The covert ones are the most dangerous. They use your heart as a weapon against you, and we must fight against abuse but also resist the best within ourselves to be free. The greatest control is the ability to let go.

I made a comic about what happened with the 3rd one:

Smear campaign

This YouTube video helped me understand how to handle it:

Friends of the Narcissist are NOT your Friends

I did a lot of research to understand and I turned hell into a great learning experience. Knowing about their manipulation techniques helped me be better prepared to defend myself. And all I have to do when I'm not respected is walk away~

I want to build healthy relationships, with myself and with my friends.

ZanTix Feb 7, 2017

Haha no the avatar was photoshopped. You must be going through some tough times, I won't pry but I certainly hope you feel better~ Best of luck!