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Been watching and reading Anime and Manga for over 5 years now and have been doing it everyday hours on end. I've been keeping track of every anime I've seen and made sure to properly record what I watched, and what I'm currently watching. This goes for manga too, but my manga list isn't totally up to date, especially since I've been putting more focus on anime at this time.  Boy, I sure need a life, but I lost that a very long time ago :P.

Anybody else like me?

I also enjoy PC gaming. I mostly play MMORPGS, just name one and I've probably played it. Though I've been taking a long break off those ATM. Of course Anime and Manga is my life currently. Quite a sad tale.

Also, I've been looking at some other profiles and the majority of others havent watched as much anime as I have. Is there anyone who watched more than me? I've only run into a few profiles that have but its not like I checked out many of the lists of others. If so contact me and maybe we can be friends and discuss anime etc.

Also, if you notice that my list is lacking some good anime that I should really watch please let me know! I love the opinions of others and I'm willing to watch almost any genere of anime.

Thanks for reading up!

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zerothehero Dec 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and happy new year! :-)

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superzaiyan Jun 24, 2017

Yes I dare. Sorry but that is the truth. It is called constructive criticism. 

KBR Apr 26, 2017

I feel the same way as you. 

Altough it has only been 7 months for me I am already in my 233rd anime. (Not including specials and additional seasons)

maochenxi Feb 18, 2017

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying your time on A-P!

DeviousRunaway Feb 15, 2017

I've tried myanimelist myself but I couldn't really stay that because the layout of the whole site bothered me. It seemed kind of boring and primitive.  Also if I remember correctly it's not possible to like unlimited number of characters or anime there.  It's a huge problem for me because there are a lot of characters I love, I can't only be happy with choosing only two or five or whatever ... :P  I can't really comment the community there though, because I didn't even try to fit in there. :P But if you say people here are nicer then I have no choice but to believe you. 

I have been on breaks because of real life and also because I've been bored and not in any mood to watch anime.  But  no matter how long I'm away, I will always return to them because I just can't give up watching them forever.  Unfortunatelly I don't have much other hobbies.  Just reading books, watching movies, listening to music and so on ... What are the other hobbies you spend time on?