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I think this is one of those shows that you really love it or, you really hate it. If you're looking for action packed conflict and high adreniline plot this is definately not the show for you. But I started it and it's right up my ally. For one, the show has a more western feel to it. It's creatures are most definately. There are a lot of shows that do stuff with Japanese mythology and monsters. but there are not a lot that have much to do with Faeries and druids. It's a very interesting switch and as a fan of early european folklore I was more then happy to see it. It does have plenty of japanese influence to be sure but there is definately some love for western fantasy in here. 

I think for at least the first season the title is a little misleading. While Chizu does eventually fall in love with her master it's not a romance story so much as it's her coming to terms with herself. They could have easily gotten away with naming it the Magus' apprentice but that name is so overused it hurts. 

The animation is beautiful
The music is as well, if you're a fan of bands like Faun, Celtic women or even Corvus corax you're going to be right at home
with a odd japanese take on european folk music with a little bit of a modern hint. 
I find the characters average and what you would expect to be honest. It's nothing I haven't seen before
I'll just say this was a show at least for me that I couldn't stop watching. While writing this I've seen the first 12 episodes.
and I binge watched them and will most likely stay up until 2:00 watching the rest. 

Final thoughts, Ignore the reviews for this one. Make up your own mind give it a go you may love it. 

8.5/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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