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Zombie Land Saga

Nov 22, 2018


I normally do not watch idol anime, but I love self aware zombies so this one caught my eye. 

Unfortunately the show is a bait and switch after the first 2 episodes. Girl gets hit by truck comes back as a zombie. Some dude's like I'ma make you a pop idol. other girls are raving zombies. Mayham ensues.

 So the first episode is like watching babymetal the anime. It's cute and happy for a few second and then turns really really metal. 

The second episode has a japanese rap battle,not a big fan of rap or hip-hop so just not my thing, and then the 3rd solidifies it into a actual idol anime really kinda ruining the formula. As these character for at least the first 2 episodes just kinda bumble their way through everything. This doesn't mean the characters change but what constitutes as music is now what's typical with this kinda show. When I think it would have been better had they just kept not having a clue and every episode the music was a little different.

 There is still one zombie character in the group that acts like a typical zombie making for some rather funny stuff. Like trying to eat a man in a chicken costume, and I hope she sticks around for comic value if nothing else. 
The producer and their interactions with him are more then a little funny at times and the guy is outright not a likeable character and that's in part a good thing. 

My final thoughts and to sum up the show. The first 2 episodes were promising,funny, unpredictable and weird. In essence what I look for every time I see a new anime come out.

Sadly it went very down hill from there, it's not bad but it seems kinda like a cop out oh we can't come up with any more weird stuff for them to do musically lets just make it a standard idol anime with some small town charm.This is not really a bad thing the show continues to be good but just not as good.
 The only thing that actually really bothers me is the 3d animation in some scenes it's a janky transition that just doesn't feel right. I suppose it makes me think a little of vocaloid and most audience wouldn't have a problem with it, it's more a personal thing.  

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8/10 overall

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