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Dog & Scissors

Jan 15, 2016

OK so this is a story about writers, readers and everything in between, also dogs. This anime is all over the damn place and it's almost painful to watch if you take it seriously in any way, at all.

The animation was average at best. nothing really nice.

the sound well this is another one of those that it's about average nothing special and I skipped the theme for almost every episode.

The characters. Well this is were things get weird. I think that this anime would have been far better if the main character had been a ghost or something more human in shape or if they hadn't died at all. The whole him being a dog doesn't seem to have any kind of impact, and it's weird as hell at moments.

On a side note this anime trys to play off fetishes and doesn't do a very good job with it. I'm seeing Bondage, S&M and doggy play.( in a quite litteral sense.) But all in all what's the point. The strangest thing is adding weapons based off tools, Brooms electric knives and scissors. why are these people fighting in the first place this isn't a fighting anime.

Overall the anime is average and kinda boring. I kept watching it because it was about a bookworm and I wondered what would happen also I didn't have much else to do as I was sick that day.

Want something about books that is entertaining watch read or die. This show is just weird.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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