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Ok so having watched 6 episodes of this show thus far and read a little of the manga. This show has it's momments.

So lets address story first. The story is pretty weak. Much of the time when you have a anime like this. No one can find out that the girl is well,something else. In this show everyone knows that the monster girls exist and making it "ordinary" takes away from what this could be. This can add tention for some episodes giving a show a little more then just sex appeal.

Animation... it's anime it all pretty much looks the same after a while.

Sound, Well as japan voice acting goes this one isn't horrible... at least the music is ok catchy theme and ending got stuck in my head kinda made me want to watch the show a little. The moaning can be a little grating at times I know this is suppose to be ecchi but come on that shit is in every single episode.

Characters. Well this is a odd one. The names of the characters are rather well uninspired. As are most of the characters. Sure they are monster girls but that is pretty much all they have. Some are more in depth then others but to be honest they all just seem very two dimentional. 

Overall, The show lacks depth and consiquence. It for a harem anime lacks any kind of real love intrest. It's mostly just watch the guy get the shit beat out of him over and over again and again by monster girls because he saw them naked or touched them by accident. To be honest if you want to watch something boarderline softcore porn with no sex and a lot of sideboob and australian cleavage from women that are not human look no further. But if you are looking for something more story oriented this is not it.

That being said I will keep watching the show as it isn't horrible and I really don't have much to watch.

Edit: Ok. so after watchin this show a second time for gits and shiggles I have made another opinion. This type of show is something japan does very well. It's over the top. It's funny at times and if you can suspend your disbelief and just watch it as soft core porn with a little comedy thrown in there. Well you will not be disapointed. Don't take this show at face value. Yeah it might be garbage. But hey there are boobs and booty and who the hell doesn't like that.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6/10 overall
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