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Riverimex Sep 30, 2022

Hi! The characters in my header photo are from 86: Eighty-Six; Shin and Lena. It is a nice anime so you should check it out!

Your header photo is also a work of art, btw!  (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

omuumoiyo Jul 22, 2022

Thanks for the rec, I'll definitely check out Link Click! I just finished watching the first season of The Devil is a Part-Timer and I honestly wasn't expecting anything, but somehow I ended up finishing it a day! It's a pretty good anime :)

OkamiHime95 Jun 29, 2022

Omg, I'm so sorry it's taken so long for me to respond! T_T I was dealing with personal irl issues, and I've been dealing with a death in the family. (He hasn't died yet, but long story short, it sounds like he will soon...) I've also been scrambling to watch certain anime and movies before next month, so there's that.

Anyway, I'm kinda hesitant to answer, cause for one thing, I literally have HUNDREDS and can't narrow them down to just a few, so idk if you'd actually be up for me to list them or not after all. (I may have to do them in multiple comments, or one LONG one lol. Which I don't mind doing, but... well, it's up to you.)

Secondly, I used to get judged and harrassed so much over my music taste as a kid/teenager, I'd get so scared when people would ask, cause I just couldn't deal with the judgement anymore. (I don't get scared anymore though.) So yeah, it's not that I don't wanna share them, because I hardly have anyone in my life to share music with, but there's just the slight...hesitancy. ^^;

PS: I kinda like Foo Fighters too, but I'm not overly familiar with their music.

s0to Jun 26, 2022

Hiya, thank you for the follow, it is nice to meet you! :)

Are you watching / reading anything good at the moment? 

Hope you're having a great day / night! 

Halex Jun 25, 2022

Bagdash Thumbs Up - Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I heard you, I was confused myself, that's why I made the list to try to figure it out. This anime has been great, I've been enjoying Die Neue These a lot more than the original, which is good too, but it's showing its age, after all, it's 30+ years old!