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One Piece

Sep 18, 2017

The great journy that we started together but grew appart. This is propably rather unpopular view of the show but I'd like you to share what one piece was and what it has become. I've never been fan of anything pirate related but One Piece managed to snatch me with firm hold, which for past few years has been loosened quite a bit. What I can tell you however that one piece will worth for while!

One piece started off as original and amazing anime that was something completely new at the time. It had vast and intresting world to explore, with well thought out characters and clear goal. The show starts very humble, with our main character set off alone to his quest to find the fabeled 'one piece'. Slowly but surely meeting new people and recruiting his crew.

Fast forwarding a bit, the story reaches the apex at various stages, giving you the illusion that the adventure is now over... only to start even bigger adventure! However this also is to become it's downfall... 


This is the part where I personally start to grew apart from one piece, altho I do still watch it every week.


You see one piece suffers greatly from "one upping" itself where it's quite frankly no longer possible and the effect is long gone. Similiar to the way dragonball Z is joked about, but taken to entirely new level.

Show has terrible habit to take very dramatic fight or scene and suddenly start flashback arc that can last for tens of episodes. This combined with todays episodes where opening and recap quite litterly take over 5 minutes at the begining, another one at the end of the episode, scenes are dragged intentionally for way longer than they should... makes it very very hard to enjoy the show anymore.

The originality is long gone. Every new set of people the come across follow the same format: The fat one, the tall one, the ugly one, the perfect one, the giant one. There are no normal people whatsoever, everyone HAS to have some weird personality trait and they keep getting weirder. Note that the problem isn't that they have the traits, the problem is that those traits are FORCED on the characters, similiar to the way the movies shoehorn in the various ethnic groups.

The fights are dragged out for dramatic effect, main characters are at power level of One punch man yet they are beated to death by Yamcha. This is sort of side effect of the constant one upping to keep the suspension.

Finding the 'one piece' is barely relevant these days, it's there on the background and the ultimate goal but the vibe really is that the whole "becoming the pirate king" is just a side quest.

To sum it all up. One piece has great overall story and great start. However it has overstayed it's welcome and dragged out for too long. I still watch it but hope to see it return back to it's humble roots. Don't let this discourage you tho, there's ALOT of good stuff to watch, if my memory serves me correctly, the real annoying changes start after 500 or so episodes.

My main problem with the show today is that it simply refuses to progress, impeading it with out of the blue side story or flashback arcs. And the way scenes that should have lasted for 5 seconds are dragged up to a minute with facial reaction shots from every possible angle, sometimes even same shot of same people. 

7/10 story
5/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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