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Was so hyped when they said there will be new series in Naruto universe. I watched Naruto read manga played Naruto ultimate ninja storm on Pc and PSP and wasted way too much time on Naruto online(can say im kinda fan of this universe).

When i saw Boruto Movie i was still hyped about series since main team with Boruto Sarada and Mitsuki looked promising and balanced for new story. I knew they going to put same story from the movie into series and i was happy that series didnt started with it and had it own start  and it entroduced us new characters and new ˇworldˇ where technology advanced sadly it advanced way too fast for idk 10-15 years. And so the problems began to ocure to me as fan as well setting didnt fell as well as in Naruto. The more you watch it the more it feels like its not a ninja style anime anymore. Another problem accured with powerlevel i know they said it like 10321651321564 times that younger generations are stronger then old once but it feels more like the old generations at some point stop training at all and at some point i was wondering that there might be generation that will have babys strong as madara ... And that is not the only problem with powerlevel other villiges feel even more weak then Konoha for some reson wich doesnt make sence (maybe cose im old) but they cant be weak like that cose Naruto said hey we friends so chill and i do all the work...(could talk more about it but  it would take a lot of time to said it to the tinyest details.)

But the biggest problem of Boruto is story like it or not story is way too streched and out of lets say 10 chapters 8-9 are filler like. Thanks to that a lot of characters becoming more and more annoying, yes there are some cool episodes but if you tell someone that he needs to watch 20-30 episodes to watch one good well he thinks of you that ypu are insane. Becouse before that cool episode you need to watch how one character is coocking then next character is going shopping then we go look how someone is going to pick his kid from kindergarden... you get the point. i dont mind good fillers but this sucks hard there are way too many of these so watching it weekly is out of question. The best way to watch it without wasting your time is watching some clips of it on youtbue and you wont miss anything from main story. On this site Filler Boruto i found that Boruto has over 70% fillers so uhmm.. theres no way it gets over 5/10 for story...

Animations feel stiff and for series that is one of the most loved and still cant make it look great it is like ..l.. to its fanbase. Same goes for artsily it feels like avarege artstile in animes again for such a big series it should not be like that.

Music feels same like in Naruto. 

Characters  as i mentioned before they dont feel as bad in early but with more fillers comming they just feel more annoying since i want main story to continue but i have to watch them insted...

Overall Boruto feels like when u going to your favourite restaurant and they start to serving you sht and with good cake would dyou go there again sht or just for cake. If you say yes for sht and cake then you prob love boruto if just for cake you like boruto but see mistakes and skipping fillers or you can just go somewhere else to eat and then you just gave up on the show. 

3/10 story
4/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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