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Our Complications

May 3, 2021

Do not read this if u want at least good story becose as far as story goes its garbage after all that MC did he does not deserve this kind of ending.

Spoiler: So Mc cant have sx without rubber if he does he get headeach and see some girl, ofc he meets the girl later turned out she likes him but she dont act like ez woman and has her pride next chapter for some reson she doesnt mind showing her (.)(.) to Mc

Oh w8 this isnt sory cose this manhwa doesnt have one Mc goes around and fck every girl he sees then he gets dumbed by his girlfriend who knows why :/ if you ever read any kind of this manhwy type u know what happens next  he goes rescue her then they end up together  girlfriend knows that MC likes girl from his dream so she leave him again so he can be with her but guesss what insted of MC going for his dreamgirl he needs to stop at other girl to fck and then she do the same and finally when he goes to  his dreamgirl autor decides that he ends it in 2 chapters  wich is stupid since it took MC 8 chapters to fck some random shopkeeper. 

Whole story feels like autor doesnt know how it should end and he just puting some random stuff together sx scenes doesnt make sence sometimes.

Main antagonist is total ashl but his end was the best in the whole story. 

Girl art is good but i did not fell in love with any of them cose their evolution through story was wery poor.

MC is just an idiot without brain he never ever use it its so bad that he cant ever say no to a pssy and thats so stupid. he is useless and at some point he is same as the antagonist of the story at least at his core. And saddest of all is that autor is tring to make him a good guys.

Most important topic is sx there is a lot of it maybe every chapter has it  but sadly amount of chapters dedicated to some females should be destributed on how important  they are in story. Theres little NTR and one ugly basterd but thank god its not long. 

Saddest thing is that it actually had potentional first 11 chapters started interestingly but well its became bad and not worth time reading. If you ask why i didnt drop it well its simple i hoped it get good plus so i can write this review and tell you that u dont need to waste time cose its not worth there are so many better manhwas then this( you can check my profile i rated some there).  

2/10 story
8/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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