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It feels like they just take for granted that Naruto being a worldwide known anime. They just think they can come up with anything, and trick tons of people into seeing the movie because it's a known franchise and they can exploit it. They need to stop making these shitty movies or they need to pull it together and create something worth being associated with the anime.

That was some serious trash. I wish I could have the minutes I spent watching this movie back. I mean, these movies are getting a little too ridiculous and stupid. The plots are all half-assed thought up stuff with no explanations at all.

It's next to impossible to get into it and get excited unless you have a mind of a 6 year old who only appreciates the animation. Not only is the plot half-assed, but the setup of all the movies are the same. A somewhat exciting opening, a sudden happening, loads of boring talking that's supposed to get you into the movie but fails everytime because they lack any sort of writing talent, loads of "cool" fighting, a final boss, a combination rasengan of some sorts, whether it be feelings or another rasengan or a rainbow, they never fail to use the same boring move to finish it off.

Then they end it with some serious half-assed ending that feels like they had a deadline to meet and they just wanted to finish it up and made an easy, "Oh hai, I kinda remember you but I don't." "Oh hai, this is the kunai you had and it was my moms treasure she got from a hero in a dream" "Oh, that makes perfect sense, feels like I've seen you somewhere, oh well bai bai." "Bai, I WILL INHERIT THE WILL OF MY MOTHER BLBALBLABLALBALBLAABL." One word. Inconceivably dumb. It was so stupid that I wrote two words instead of one. A lot of animes are dumb, but atleast their stories or characters can make up for the dumb shit. This is just bad.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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fenixproductions Dec 16, 2011

Completely agree. Worst Naruto movie ever.