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I mean, to be honest, there really isn't much of a "wow" factor, or anything crazy going on within this anime. Sure the ideas are portrayed a bit differently, the hero and demon king fall in love. But really that's all that happens. It's a slow-paced anime in the big picture, however, it's fairly fast and conclusive when it comes to battles and arcs. As expected from the tag it is political but sometimes I have to stop and take some time to understand what was happening in the story/plot. 

The voice acting was very well done, the animation wasn't anything too special. The characters were unique, to say the least, it had a good amount of fan service as well - so it wasn't entirely boring or about politics. The romance was kinda there. The love was good for the first couple of episodes, then fell off hard. It turned into a bit of a harem - and what really made the romance annoying for me, is that a kiss doesn't occur for a solid while. 

If you've watched Spice and Wolf, and enjoyed the romance and trading/merchant lifestyle and hope to see something similar if not, better than that. Then you might want to watch something else. Having watched Spice and Wolf, I can see some similarities however it lacked the romance and was awfully generic at times. 

Personally, I am not one to enjoy political animes, so this might have a slightly biased opinion to it. However, I for one love romances; so I decided to watch this. Was a bit disappointed, having the romance not progress a drop since the beginning. After a while, I did consider dropping the anime, but I stuck around, didn't really have a "great" ending either. It was a hard watch for me; not my preference, but it might be yours. 

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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