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Happy-Go-Lucky Days

Sep 16, 2020

Honestly difficult to rate this one! I really really love the first couple, and it's so nice to see actual romance for lgbt+ characters! Representation really does matter, and damn if the first section of the film didn't have me grinning like an idiot! Highlighting small intimate moments definitely complimented the art style, and generally reaflected that warm and giddy feeling of budding love! 

The other stories sort of fell short for me, which is why I have no idea how to actually rate the movie as a whole. The characters were cute and pretty well fleshed out , but the storylines either went completely over my head (entirely possible) or were actually just a bit meh. 

I will say that it was nice to see some original plot lines! Even though some didn't hit the mark for me, I can certainly say that it was a breath of fresh air! We all love a trope every now and then, but watching the same plot lines play out over and over can get a little dry, even for a romance junkie! So getting some interesting characters and storylines definitely was a complete win as far as I'm concerned! 

Overall, I would recommend giving this one a watch, just keep your expectations in check! 

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7/10 overall
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