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Chainsaw Maid

Nov 12, 2011

Story: Not the table, not on the table, not on the- aww.... and that's how it truly starts, after the near striptease. Obviously this is high on plot, and the title only goes to further it, and obviously everything after the striptease is a load of shit, which this would be if it weren't so unintentionally hilarious. The violence is righteously over the top, senseless and chainsaw-fueled, for extreme gore and extremely questionable fun.

The premise is what it is; Chainsaw Maid, and you shouldn't expect much else from that.

Animation: A whole new definition of puking your guts out, to hilarious results. Again, questionably. It's claymation in it's gory glory as blood, guts and purple brain matter splatter and lay about as the carnage ensues.

Sound: Silent movie a'la mode! I got a wicked laugh at the subtitles for some reason. Apart from the tweeting from a random bird, there's the chainsaw, beatings and any sounds associated with violence. It does what it's suppose to do.

Characters: Chainsaw Maid has a chainsaw and hatred for zombies, and is thus the most well-developed character. Special mention goes to the fat pedo shirtless zombie, who bursts through the child's bedroom window. And the dad who watches the maid strip. Yeah. Who cares about characters, the maid has a chainsaw! That is worth points alone.

Overall: Is it bad? Yes. Is it funny? Questionably so but then again, enjoying this is questionable. It's packed with gore, tasteless violence, absolutely no redeeming value and it's fun in a disturbing violent way. So bad it's good, Chainsaw Maid is simply a work of blood.

2/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall

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