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Samurai 7

Feb 23, 2011

Alternate titles include: Badass 7, The Seven Badasses, The Magnificent 7 Badasses, Seven Badass Samurai and Seven Samurai. Other titles include most (If not all) the following: "7" or "Seven", either/both "Samurai" and "Badass".

Straight up, I've never seen The Seven Samurai or The Magnificent Seven. But from what I've seen here, they're probably filled with awesome badassery.

And you know what? That's justified in the first three minutes of the first episode. I'm not going to explain it, as that'll take away some of the fun but it's definitely one of the coolest scenes I've seen in anything that relates even remotely to samurai. The fights continue to drive the point home, as when the sword swings, the body count rises and style ensues. They are good at what they do, and it shows; every battle is fast and furious, slicing and rending in a cacophony of destruction. But it isn't all about samurai and swords, as there are the mecha with swords. Robots (Or drones, can't really call these one samurai) roughly the size of a human to literal samurai mecha the size of the stuff you see in Gundam. But this is an era with guns, which... sometimes lose to katana. It's not historically accurate in that aspect, but it doesn't need to be.

If there isn't a fight going on then there is most likely some story progression going on (Some fights do advance the story; bonus!). And by story progression, I mean some slow story progression. This is especially for the first few episodes where the samurai are being gathered. I personally didn't mind it, as I loved the setting of mecha/technology fused with feudal samurai. As well as I don't mind the actual process of it all. It's bound to get on a few people's nerves, but it does pick up. Past that, the story kept it's hold on me.

Feudal Japan fused with machine technology makes for a great setting, and Samurai 7 does that justice. Mechanical samurai roam the streets, bandits are the same (And the bandit leader looked particularly cool) and even the humans don't shirk of style. But the seven samurai in particular look stylish, and their swords (And spear) having different styles is a nice touch. Just had a bit of a problem with a few of the CGI scenes and a few other scenes in particular, which didn't look as good as the other scenes (For both CGI and non-CGI in comparison to their respective designs and not as a whole). Overall, loved the design, the look of the characters, the style of everything and the scenery. One last thing on animation; there's that title card in the middle of the anime, for a break I guess, which got me every time.

When I get an anime based in the samurai era, I expect some music that fits the era and that's what's given. It's brilliant and yet not overwhelming, which helps to immerse the viewer into the anime. The OP I enjoyed greatly and the EP as well, it's not hard rock and not entirely like the background music but it works. As well as the voices, which were pretty great.

I loved the characters in this series, and not just for the badassery of the seven. Everybody has a purpose and it's just fun to see them in action and how some of them change throughout the series, specifically Katsushiro. He's the most innocent of the seven and to see him kill a man or machine for the first time is truly shocking. That's no spoiler, as they all kill things, but that first kill is truly something. Otherwise, loved the comedic banter between Kikuchiyo and Komachi and oddly enough, Ukyo. I didn't like him much at first, but he grew on me.

I'm a fan of samurai and action, and even slow-paced stuff at times. Samurai 7 does those three genres great justice, and most likely does justice to it's source material. It's filled with hope and sadness; action and chaos. Showing that war is hell and that it can change hearts and minds, not simply fighting with the body but with the spirit and ideals.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
9.5/10 sound
9.5/10 characters
9.4/10 overall
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