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Spoilers about some plots and stuff. Not that you're watching it for plot or any dumb shit like that.

Story: This failed as much as Tits-Chan did in the first six episodes of failure. Or five. The point is she failed. A lot. Constantly. It got incredibly depressing when she rode that fail train all on down the line and let me tell you, again, repeatedly, she. Fucking. Failed. In each episode's crappy ass wrestling moments which were filled breast to breast with moaning, it was a constant stream of fail moans.

Now that's out of my system for now, I can tell you why it's worse than implants. At it's core, it's an idol who got suckered into a sucker bet when she said she can wrestle or some shit. She talked the shit but couldn't walk the walk and got her ass wupped along with her friend and was then compelled to join up wrestling because she had to prove something or another. Really doesn't matter. But, it proves that wrestling ain't all tits and bounce as people don't go winning once they start up, and I'm telling you again to warn you off and to make you less depressed if you watch it out of morbid/perverted bonerism, she does not win for a while. She is the fresh fish in the pond, unproven and a soft bitch, so to speak. And it's tiresome.

So tiresome that even the in-universe viewers get tired of it, as would you. It's tedious, not just the fights themselves and the constant stream of failure, but it reuses crotch shots. Fucking reuses crotch shots! If it ain't a boob shot, it's a crotch shot and even then many shots are reused. That's animation but it extends the fights and is just plain cheap because if they skimped on the animation, where the fuck did the budget for everything else go? You make ecchi shit by amping the fucking tits off animation while sending characters, plots, dialogue and all that worthless shit to the high schoolers and fifth parties. This lacks all of that. What I remember from the dialogue I half paid attention to was crap. The plot that was there was crap. The scenarios were probably crap. The ending nearly made me throw up. It then made me throw up. The pay off was shit. Anything dealing with writing was shit.

Every time I watched an episode of this farce I was doing something else so I really cannot comment on the nitty titty details of anything. But I could tell that it was still boring. Uninteresting, unsuspenseful, unclimatic, predictable and that secret move while unexpected should have been expected if one was paying attention. It's a spiffy secret special move but don't know if it's practical or not. Probably is. That gives it a point but the ending takes it away. It was seriously that bad. Just thinking about makes me want to hurl.

Animation: Not even the boobs can save it. Sure it has ample boobs, large boobs and maybe some small ones or something but Tits-Chan sure has some knockers, as do half the characters and then some. It's ok, but the quality and repeated shots really bring down what little good there was. And she really fights some gorillas in the ring. A punk gorilla or two but they're evil and all evil people are gorillas.

And needed more fanservice. If you're going to make a show about two big-titty girls grappling and throwing each other, smashing into each other and getting into sexy, compromising positions, you need more boobage, NOT reused crotch shots but fresh ones, more tits and ass, more bounce to the ounce and 80% of the budget towards the front and back with less to every other shitty aspect of this shit. They really dropped the breast here.

Sound: I think I skipped the EP every time I watched it so can't comment on that but I can comment on the OP:

It's forgettable. I think there's some singing involved by a female vocalist and some guitar or some other instrument but nothing noteable or spectacular. Or decent, let alone memorable. But someone sung, that I'm sure. And it lacked a Rocky or Joe Esposito vibe. If it had one like the latter, instant 10.

And most important of all in the sound, the moaning. If you don't have headphones while you watch this, people will think you're watching some porn. It's that constant and integral to the wrestling plots. Tits-Chan moans more here than in Seikon no Titties in it's entirety and that's the first and second season. Plus the PDs. And OVAs. By 1 person. For at least 10 minutes per episode. That's a lot of moaning, you have my word on that. It also gets repetitive, annoying and tiresome. I don't know if it's suppose to be arrousing but eventually it'll wear you down and it'll win because you would have had enough of her moaning like some common harlot. It's just too much and it broke me.

Characters: Lets see... there's Haruka, Gorilla, Tits-Chan, Ice Cream Pop (The band or idol group), Berserk Gym with the hot female wrestlers, Rival, Blue Panther, Other Gorilla and... Sakura? If the ecchi schtick wasn't enough of a giveaway then I really don't know what to add. It has more on boobs than it does on character development or empathy for any of these chicks and gorillas. I cannot remember names that well so I didn't bother learning them, let alone pay attention to them. All I know is that they either wrestle or sing.

Um... I suppose...



Overall: I can't believe I watched this shit for the MM. This was not in any way good or even so-bad-it's-good, not even 'Watching it for the titties' bad. It's just plain shit. This is not worth your time for watching perverted boner shows so don't bother with this. It's flawed in plot, characters, dialogue, animation, memorable music and depth and brings shame to wrestling shows everywhere.


1/10 story
2.5/10 animation
2/10 sound
1.5/10 characters
1.5/10 overall

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ArcticSpitz May 15, 2016

I was going to review this anime as well, but I don't think I could have worded it any better. You nailed everything I was going to say. Well, with the exception that in the dub, when sakura is between moans, she explains to us just how she feels. "It hurts!" She said that well over 20 times. Except once, she changed it up and said "it hurts so bad." 

Most notable comment I was going to mention as well was the fact that the people watching it were tired of it as well. I watched this all the way because I wanted it to be good. I like pro wrestling, but this anime is just insufferable.  I thought the ending was "Meh" but it could have been worse considering every other episode was raw cat-shit. I think one episode was nothing but her trying to get out of 1 submission move (that beat her over 50 times already. And the moaning drove me crazy, later in the series another character has a really deep moan and I remember thinking "thank god, please let the main character win just because the one she was fighting had the least ear-dagger madness inducing scream."

Nothing in this anime happened that any idiot couldnt have seen coming.   

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I find your review to be 100% accurate and I believe your opinions are the right opinions, lol