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Love in Hell

Aug 17, 2013

Story: Sinner goes to hell, meets up with a cute demon whose his... escort through hell. Or coordinator. Leader? She guides him and helps him get rid of the debt he has for his sins through sadistic torture, mutilation and bodily harm because at the end of the day, he revives it. So lets say for an example that he, and I'm just laying down an example, he gets his nuts crushed like grapes and his dick smashed with a mace. He'll have a new johnson and pair before the day is done and thus, black comedy and titties ensue.

Wait, titties? Where did titties come from? What does titties have to do with hell? Why, just about everything is what! Fanservice is given out often enough and of a high enough quality as to not distract you from whatever the current plot is. It's like "We got some violent shit going on so why not add some tits? Might as well go all the way, eh?" You don't really need a reason when it doesn't have much of a plot to begin with. It does have an overarching plot but it boils down (At first) to the introduction of hell and getting rid of sin through torture and ways to accumulate points on your hell card to earn your ticket out of there. It's all good fun and branches into other forms of comedy for variety and it works, for me at least. Found that it hit my funny bone more often than not. It's not always comedy but no way am I delving into the serious parts. That's all... plot or character development. Not my area of expertise.

Another negative is that it's wicked short. A mere 18 chapters isn't nearly enough for a series like this. I'm glad that it ended on an ending that conclusive for what it is and not on some non-ending bullshit but it could have used a few more chapters to flesh things out. Still, what's there is there and it's real entertaining comedy wise if you don't mind violence and sex jokes.

Art: I need to say it straight away, the artist draws breasts well. Very well. And asses. Basically the entire female anatomy. The fanservice is excellent and while it gets disturbing at times, it's still pretty well done. The art style may be on the low end of detail but I still liked it and it had charm, even if I take away the fanservice from the equation. Felt smooth, not angular. Rounded, and soft I guess.

Characters: The main sinner in question is a pretty ok guy. Not dispicable, perverted, weak to pain and he's pretty good as a lead. The demon who is his cohort (Or- aw hell, whatever) is pretty nice herself and so adorable. Comedy comes first and the secondaries are built for that. We don't get nearly as much depth on them as we do the main but they're still a fun bunch and each has at least one moment of hilarity. Didn't really hate any of them, except for the ones that are made to be hated.

Overall: It was a fun ride. It's more of an 8 or 8.5 but I really enjoyed this one and it was pretty funny. Fanservice, black comedy, sex jokes, violence and visual gags, blood, well drawn nudity and sometimes it gets so wrong that it's hilarious. I really shouldn't have laughed at some parts but I couldn't help it. This is one to check out if you like the mature side of humor and don't mind a bit of violence and blood.

8.5/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall

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