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Story: What is a Jump Festa? I don't know and it has absolutely nothing to do with the OVA, despite it being in the title. But it surely involves plucking a random chapter that doesn't focus on Nishino (I'll say this now: I watched this shit after the series and the OVA series), slapping some animation on that ass and calling it a day. I can say that because this was pretty shitty despite having loads of innuendo, other innuendo by those in the DTAB who watched it, the sorrow few and... I think this was the one where Nishino had a lovely blue dress. You know that's getting top marks.

But the plot, the film club (I'll assume you know jack shit about this) that was formed to film sleaze smut flicks and get school funding for such raunchy activities, goes to the... I don't know where the fuck they are. It doesn't look like country but a house by the lake or something, it doesn't really matter. So they film, a darling love story which would be shit if not for Nishino in a lovely blue dress. I could call the plot done right there but there's more. This Toujou girl is on her way back from getting supplies and shit so Junpei, being the fit, tanned devil he is, he goes to meet up with her and help her out. This, obviously ends up with rain and the need to hide out in a bunker to avoid getting their clothes drenched and fanservice would have ensued except it ensues because this is, after all, named after strawberry panties.

It has all the pitfalls of a ecchi show, all the classic moments and hoo-haa and plenty of beligurent- beligerent- whatever sexual tension because that's how we roll. And by watching it, you can just feeeeel the sexual innuendo rise up, the sheer amount of perversion that could have been and is because it's as subtle as a sack of bricks. It's also entertaining in a way because it's comically bad. But any story that features Nishino in a lovely blue dress is a good story, no matter how shitty the rest of the shitfest is.

Guess it really didn't help that they still plucked a random chapter from the series.

Animation: The phrases I can think of for animation are 60% swear words so I'll try and censor it. If possible. The characters aren't like the ones in the series, in particular Manaka's wicked tan and Super Sayan Sausage Lips who astoundingly looks uglier here. The girls, they're alright, Nishino the best obviously, and panties. With cleavage. And wetness, because the funding went to fanservice and some nice backgrounds. The climatic scene, boosted with Nishino of course, was pretty good. Still, the characters are mostly ugly and the animation a bit sloppy.

Sound: I got nothing. Literally nothing.

Characters: Junpei is a sex magnet. It's apparent here that he gets bitches but it's in the series where he really works his mojo. You see all them bitches in the pictures? Most, if not all want his nuts. What's so good about him? He's got a pimping camera, he's going to be a rich (Porn) director and that tan, fucking sick tan, all even and shit. That's it. He doesn't have much redeemable qualities apart from those and the tan one isn't even in the series. The OVA isn't really a good judge of character but you know, more props to Nishino.

Overall: I could have summed up this shit in a paragraph but noooooo. I had to go and make it longer, when you could have a single paragraph praising Nishino and bashing just about everything else. In chronological order, this is the ass end of shit. Watch it after the series so you can know whose who and it'll be less confusing and possibly less painful.

Still better than the OVA's final episode.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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