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So, there are these characters, characters as in these... characters. They go into a garden full of geometrical shapes, rife with abstract patterns, constructions and the ordinary made into something obscure and unusual while keeping in the bounds of what we see today: Trees made of cars, mechanical whozawhats in the form of a piece of nature, all sorts of jazz.

If you got any of that, then give it a go. If you're like me and didn't entirely follow that then go read something that is more structured. The only way this is structured is the progression through the garden. There is no end goal and the only plot we get are characters trespassing into a garden. This is more about the journey than the beginning or end, about what one interacts with instead of a grander, bigger world. Hardly a beginning, hardly an end, it's about the garden itself and what it entails for our intrepid characters. In terms of dialogue, it's more simple than complex, scientific and observational than pointless conversations and shooting the breeze and explanational and rational over surpurflous (pointless meandering) and free form wordplay.

Don't read it for the writing.

Plot aside, it's certainly... unusual. The art style gives everything an abstract vibe, the content can also be considered abstract and the simplicity in the art lends itself to abstrasicity. Abstractism. More abstract stuff. The cover screams abstract and it's so abstract that it's niche! Abstract.

I wasn't too intune with the art style but I do admit that it's creative in what it does. As the characters march on, the inventions give way to more and more inventions in a never-ending parade of a fusion of modern, geometry and nature. Artistic, yes. Beautiful? In an abstract way, technical more than artistic.

Know why I continously mention characters? It's because they are just that: characters. No name, vaguely humanoid bodies, they multiply like crazy and one guy has a camera. He takes pictures and stuff.


To sum it up, it's creative, it's abstract and it's about the journey than the beginning or end. It lacks the usual plot and ending, a story, characters and is more style over substance. It wasn't my thing but felt that I should finish it instead of dropping it a third of the way through. I do admire it's geometrical modern, nature hybrid content but only a small circle would appreciate it for what it is.

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
4/10 overall
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AirCommodore Jan 16, 2013

100% of everyone who read this manga wrote a review for it. Just so you know.

But yeah. This one was ultra-weird. And probably the reason why I stopped blind-buying random comics on Amazon >_>

NicoNicoDesu Jan 16, 2013

"They multiply like crazy." ... That's what he said!