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worknboy Dec 29, 2021

Thank You Dear Leader for acknowledging a humble peasant like me.

worknboy Dec 27, 2021

Luv the avatar! Happy Boxing day!

stardust2222 Aug 31, 2021

Hello my name is Mason and I have autism 

lividtanuki Feb 13, 2021

I see you a lot 0-0

cotyy Jan 10, 2021

Hi thrawn,

I don't know if you remember me, but I was your ss recipient last year. Anyways, the other day I had this thought that I think I have to let you know. I have never seen you in real life, but I think you look like ponyo´s dad. I don't know if it's your vibe or what, but my gut feeling is telling me you look like that. Take that as you wish. 

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