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ShadowChan Apr 5, 2024

Hiiiiiii ~~•

I thought let's visit ur profile and saying hi : 3

How are you doing 

SpiritOfCoffeeMug Nov 16, 2023

Make sure to thank that person who's totally not you for the recs! Each one of them are something I've been meaning to watch for a long time.

HKBattosai Mar 17, 2023

Thrawn said..."Wats up HK Moneystacks! Glad to see you're getting back into this and how it shows that we all watch different shit. It's a wide world and it's not just about the most recent crap, as 11Eyes shows. It's also about old crap! Great shit you done here holmes!"

What's up old buddy, old pal, old chum!? Thanks for checking out the list my friend. I'm glad you're glad to be glad enough to see that I returned to doing the yearly awards after the four year hiatus. And yes, you are certainly correct about different shit that we all see, old and new. No matter the time in which it comes out, a turd is still a turd; such is the case with 11eyes in 2009 and Don't Hurt, Me My Healer in 2022.

Anytime you want to stop by and chat, comment, suggest some shit, watch something perhaps, or whatever, feel free. You are most defintely welcome as an appreciated A-P guru! 😄


HKBattosai Mar 2, 2023

Hello Thrawn! It's been quite a long time! How the heck have you been!? Oh, and btw...the Al Bundy avatar is freaking great! His character is hilarious!

* * *

After a four year hiatus, I decided to do another Anime Ichiban Awards for the anime I watched in 2022. It is finally finished! I kept it simpler while adding more individual detail. Please feel free to check it out and let me know what you think, if you want to!

2023 Personal Anime Ichiban 🏆 Awards List (3rd Quasi-annual)

If you do not, then that is completely OK by me as well. I am just excited to have finally done the awards again. Take care!