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Dance with Devils

Apr 22, 2020

I read a review before I watched it and It kind of concerned me. In the review, the person wrote "musical", which I am not a huge fan of. I was reluctant to watch but gave the anime a try. I watched the anime and in the very beginning, I was greeted with a song by one of the main characters. The song wasn't too bad or too long which was fine by me. However, to be honest, watching all twelve episodes I skipped most of the songs. There was probably one or two that I listened to. 

Moving on to the intro and ending song. I got Attack on Titans vibe in the first few seconds of the intro. The ending song is nice. I like the beat. I know that not important, but I thought I should add it. 

I want to say that if you watched Diabolik Lovers, you would be watching it again with a slight plot change. Although, the main character is a girl and irritated me. She had the damsel in distress, naive type, which is similar to Diabolik Lovers, but on another level. 

I guess overall, I think the anime is good. I might watch it again if I don't have anything to watch. I would recommend you give it a try. so...yeah. 

3/10 story
10/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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