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I wish i could change my name -_-

Self proclaimed Japanophile, and オタク.i love animes that make me cry like a little baby, and that have wounderfull soundtracs. When i hear a sound track off of an anime like fma or clannad i just start crying XD. i love music and if its japanese it makes it 2x as cool, so my hard drive is full of anime ost's.I love anime what ellse is there to say?... check out my pro on   ^_^my pro on the forum watch anime mostly when i have nothing better 2 do. but this isnt always the case, i have on rare occasion blown off friends and other things to watch certain anime.Like on fridays when i know an ep. might be subbed there have been times were i have told ple i didnt want todo any thing so that i could watch clannad~A.S.~. But for the most part, i try not to watch it in all of my free time.Because if i let it entrap me like i have b4, i will most likely lose all my friends and be a loser may say well "he has no right to call himself an otaku" if i dont dedicate my time to it. Well i must dissagree, the way i feel when i watch anime(good 1s) and when i see things related to anime begs to differ.Not to mention(although i am mentioning it XD) i have a FMA "flamel" tat on my wrist for the world 2 see that i love anime.

But yeah if you love to discuss anime plz talk to me and add me on myspace i love talking to fellow otaku.

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Omurqi Feb 26, 2010


About the Ushio submission, I'll agree that character descriptions aren't the easiest thing to write, especially for main characters (who'll require a larger one) with very little extraordinary traits. For future reference, try to write a description where readers who haven't seen the series would think "Ah, so that's the kind of character he/she is", without spoiling the series.

In the case of Ushio, the character description could be about her being cute, slightly shy (though not to extremes), exploring towards the world around her, curious, loving and obiedient to those important to her, etcetera.

Feel free to submit an image for her! As long as you follow the guidelines, it'll be added ;)



Blaze13 Feb 25, 2010

lol no thats no me in my forum avy  ^_^

mussolini Feb 23, 2010

I would say that they do clash.

mussolini Feb 23, 2010

Nope, purple is a mixture of red and blue. So, it's close enough to blue to clash.

Habhome Feb 22, 2010

The max sizes are: 500x130 pixel, and 50KB.You can't upload an image directly from a Photobucket URL, you will have to save the file to your PC and upload it directly from the Hard Drive.