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All Anime Series I've watched from Worst to Best!

Does not include anime that have yet to be concluded or are still ongoing (like Attack on Titan), anime that I haven't finished, or following seasons of respective anime (additional seasons are included with season 1)

List of Full Series I've Watched (TIMELINE ORDER)

This is a list of the anime I have watched fully, or at least a good, solid portion of in the order I first saw them. For example, I haven't seen every single episode of Pokemon, but it's impossible for me to keep up with the...

List of Incomplete Series

This is a list of anime that I am either currently watching, anime that are stalled, or anime I have dropped but wanting to try finish. Things like Pokemon or Naruto will not be on this list because of the "Endless Episodes"...

List of "Duel Academy" Anime

A list of anime that take place in a School where it is either commonplace or required for students or teachers to compete in one-on-one duels for rank or clout.