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Hi, I'm Mott L. Scurry. You can just call me SCURRY.

I am a huge fan of anime and video games, specifically Nintendo games. I like English Dubbed anime and watch Subbed anime if dubs are not available.


#1: I do not review seasons separately. I review the whole series as a whole, so I won't tell you to watch one season, but not the other. However, I would review sequels or spin-offs, unless the sequels along with the original are only like 12 episodes. For example, I would still review "Fate/Stay Night" and "Fate/Zero separately", but not "Freezing" and "Freezing Vibration". The "Fate" anime are different enough that they can be discriminated from in their own reviews, but "Freezing" is such a short anime that the sequel feels more like a second season. I'll review movies separately, as well. I won't however review anything until I've seen the complete anime. I won't review something while it's still airing, either.

#2: The score system this site gives has its priorities mixed up. Because of this, I score the anime in a completely different way than most people do, by percentage instead of "out of 10" or "out of 5". Here's my system. It's pretty simple, but goes very in-depth:


45% STORY:

We all know that the story is one of the most important parts of any, well, story. Here, I'll usually give a brief, spoiler-free synopsis of the first couple episodes and then I'll give my opinion.


The characters in a story are just as important, if not more. You can have characters and no story, but you can't have story and no characters. Here, I'll usually break down the main few characters one-by-one, showing a 200p-tall picture of the character, sum up the supporting cast, and then talk about my favorite character in the anime.

The atmosphere is basically me blending the scores of sound, animation, and the feeling I get while watching into one score. Basically, all things that appeal to the senses. The right combination of many fine arts when it comes to animation is what can bring any show to life. I believe that all the aspects of the sound and animation go hand-in-hand with each other when used in film, and even moreso with animation because the possible level of creativity is always really endless, but you can't really have one without the other. There will never be quite a specific order I criticize this in since, in my own belief, animation and music, as well as the emotional conection with the audience really all just goes with their own flow.

However, the reason the percentage is so low is that I really don't think, at least for anime, that the music and animation in a show is nearly as important as the story and characters. If I hate the anime because of its story and characters, I might still like the music, but that does not make the anime good. It's like with recent "Sonic the Hedgehog" games. A lot of them were bad, but that doesn't mean the music was bad, and at least the level of detail in the CG cutscenes is good. It's the same with anime. I LOVE the opening theme to the anime "Amnesia", but that doesn't make it a good anime.

Here's what you'll usually see:

(total score out of 100%) SUBTITLE:

(score out of 45%) STORY: (out of 10 score)

(score out of 45%) CHARACTERS: (out of 10 score)

(score out of 10%) ATMOSPHERE: (out of 10 score)


OVERALL: (total out of 10 score)

Just add the three percent subscores and you get the overall. The out of ten score is just to show the REAL score that the review doesn't show you. It's the same as the percent score, just one decimal up. Also, you'll never see me give a perfect 10 score. You'll also never see me give a zero as a score. There is no such thing as perfection in art, and there is also no such thing as a complete failure. As long as the creators put any effort into something, it has some worth. This is also why if I give a 5-star rating to something, it HAS to have a score of 9.9. anything lower will not be considered 5-star.


#3: As far as my star-ratings, they will be decided based on the rounded score out of 10 the review is given when published:

0.1-1.8 = 

1.9-2.8 = 

2.9-3.8 =

3.9-4.8 =

4.9-5.8 =

5.9-6.8 = 

6.9-7.8 =

7.9-8.8 = 

8.9-9.8 =

        9.9 =  
(This means that if the actual score was 9.865/10, since the website rounds it off, it will show 9.9 and will be considered 5-stars)

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