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Sakura Diaries

Nov 29, 2012

Well this is a strange little OVA... well not very little considering its 12 episodes, which is the length of a regular TV series nowadays, Just goes to show how things have changed I guess.

Anyway this is pretty much an ecchi romcom, much like the ecchi romcoms of modern anime, except it was made in the 90's which means its better right? Well not really =/

Story- So the story follows the life of a College reject and country boy named Touma Inaba, who has his dreams of getting into a good university crushed when he fails his entrance exams and has to enter a cram school. During his stay in the city he meets the beautiful Meiko who he falls in love with, but his female cousin Urara has other plans! Love triangle Commence!

Animation- Late 90's OVA animation is always a plus for me. The character designs are very realistic and detailed. I especially enjoyed Meiko's design. I guess my only problem would be that the colors look a little washed out.

Sound- Nothing memorable, the opening is a soft ballad and I don't even remember the ending theme, or any of the bgm. I actually watched the dub for this and honestly it wasn't terrible... but it wasn't very good either.

Characters- Touma is your basic loser protagonist who hopelessly falls in love. Urara can be quite annoying at times and Meiko comes off as a godess at first, but quickly devolves into a spoiled rich brat. There are some interesting side characters like Touma's "friends" at the cram school, Urara's best friend and another male university student, but they do not get the development they deserve. 

Overall- Honestly I thought it had some good potential if they didn't end it the story on a frikin "read the manga" ending. >_< I really hate when anime does this. Esepcailly when said manga hasn't been translated into english. If you just want to see some nice late 90's char designs and animation and have a somewhat decent laugh for 12 episodes, perhaps consider watching this. It is a fairly long OVA though. Some better options would be Maison Ikkoku (by far) Ichigo 100% and Chobits.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Rick18 Mar 27, 2016

just watched this ova and i gotta say i agree with what you said about the ending, i was confused until i went to wikipedia and was shocked and disappointed