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Jun 27, 2017

Spoiler Free Review


As an accurate depiction of the typical middle school existence, Tsuki ga Kirei may be ideal as it perfectly captures the nearly endless tedium punctuated with excruciating moments of awkwardness. But as an entertaining anime goes, it’s only so-so. Now you may be thinking, “This guy just doesn’t like slow paced stories” to which I would respond, “You don’t know me!” I think a slow-burn story can be quite compelling when done correctly, like Hyouka or Mushishi. Hyouka overcame its slow pace with interesting characters and an interesting plot while Mushishi had compelling individual stories. Tsuki ga Kirei only has dull main characters and a generic plot to offer.

If you really want to see a Romance, Coming of Age, Love Triangle, School Life anime, try Ore Monogatari!! (My Love Story!!). It deals with all the same issues with a similarly aged group (first year high schoolers instead of third year middle schoolers) with much more interesting characters and story. And while the action in Ore Monogatari!! is a little less realistic, it’s far more interesting and that’s okay as these are works of fiction. If you have already seen Ore Monogatari!!, wasn’t it great? I might watch it again now.


There isn’t one.

Okay, there is a budding relationship between two shy, awkward middle schoolers. That’s it. The entire story can be summed up in one boring sentence. That’s not good, feel.


I’m not usually one to complain about the animation style of an anime. Usually my opinion is as long as it doesn’t look like Speed Racer or detract from the story it is fine. The problem here is the animation occasionally detracts from the store. The close-up shots of the characters are fine but the use of computer animation for background characters in wide shots is sometimes scary. The characters move like mannequins brought to life by black magic.


It has sound. Who has ever decided to watch or not watch an anime based on the sounds? Not me.


As stated before, the main characters are tedious and boring. Perhaps if you are at a similar age and are similarly shy, speak Japanese, and are two-dimensional then perhaps you can relate, otherwise they two main characters are boring. The supporting characters are far more interesting, especially in the little vignettes occasionally shown after the end credits. Those short bits are the only reason to watch this anime.


I hope this review is helpful. I feel kind of bad coming down so hard on this anime, but it really is not worth the time. Toadora!, Ore Monogatari!!, Hyouka, or even Silver Spoon would be better use of your time.

3/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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Rishat Aug 10, 2023

If a middle aged man like ya watches such romance anime that focuses on Middle School romance, they probably will find it boring lol. Go watch those random Idol anime instead. And the animation is nowhere near bad, it's unique, kinda similar to loundraw artsyle. Also, the story is great, one of the few ones that depicts long distance relationship. Idk how you can compare a romance anime with Hyouka (It was carried by its animation tbh) or Mushishi (entirely different category). And your review is more of other series promotions and less of a constructive review.

sweetiebit Jul 14, 2022

Agreed with the review :( i feel a little bit awkward, but from the beginning till the end it was a totally «boring» experience for me. twists were very predictable, maybe i'm just too old

SomeGuyAround Aug 1, 2021

Well this is kind of late but, spoilers.

I think I have to disagree with the character and story being bad, it is indeed quite slow, I almost dropped after the first episode. But I feel it's intended to show the slow grow of an actual romance and relationship. I haven't seen many animes that can actually relate to this, either they don't ever get in a relationship or they are married from one episode to the other. I believe the end scenes of them getting married weren't the best, but the fact that he couldn't enter the school was unpredictable and goes into the protagonist isn't always victorious thing.

Wakasagihime Mar 5, 2020

A fair review even if I don't fully agree with it. I'm surprised you'd recommend Toradora over this because Toradora is pretty much a cheap flick full of gimmicks for all I could care for. And that's considering i watched it very early in my anime viewing lifetime. I barely enjoyed Toradora when I was still a Bleach watching teen junkie, but I doubt I'd be able to stomach it for it's full duration these days after all I've watched. Tsuki ga Kirei ain't all that, but I'd like to think the character interactions in it are more nuanced and compelling than the cliches of Toradora.