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extremelyboring Mar 21, 2021

Awesome genres, I love horror and comedy. Since you have a massive want to watch and have watched list (good on you :) ) I probably will recommend stuff you've already seen/want to see (which i apologize for) butttt~

For comedy, I really love and would recommend Asobi Asobase, Saiki k, Aoharu x Machinegun which isn't for everyone but I really like it! Keep your hands off Eizouken, Hinamatsuri and Jobless reincarnation. 

For Horror: I see you've watched a lot more of it so I wont be able to recommend as much but for the anime, i'd recommend demon slayer and From the new world  and for manga i'd recommend bastard, pigpen, chainsaw man and Your throne. 

I hope you find yourself liking a few of these :) 

10JQKA Mar 21, 2021

I surely will!

Oh, if you like gore then I recommend you to watch it for the art, cause that's the best thing about the anime. If you wanna find it, there's the full subbed version on youtube, you just gotta type "Midori 1992 sub" and it should be the first video available. Lmk if you end up watching. Killing Stalking is a tough one... hahaha. I tried reading it a while back and I got bored midway through, but I knwo the story, so, yeah, it's some fucked up shit.

I feel you. There are tons of anime and other shows that I should've dropped too but I ended up pretending I've never seen them and it works quite well hahaha.

Ohh, I know how it is taking recommendations... A friend of mine said, and no wI think it was jokingly, that I should watch Eromanga Sensei because it was a heart warming story. Turns out it was just the way the dude had to write about his fetishes of underage step sisters and I dropped it at episode 2...

Damn... I don't know why there are so many age gap romanticisation in anime and manga. Well, thanks for the animes not to see, as that list is just as important if not more than the lost of animes to watch hahaha.

extremelyboring Mar 20, 2021

No problem at all! I'd love to drop some recomendations, just  let me know you fav anime genres! (if you have any preferred ones)


Also Zacks an awesome anime character, nice pfp :) 

10JQKA Mar 20, 2021

I'll be sure to let you know when I start one of them. And I see you already watched a ton of anime, so feel free to recommend more anytime you want!!

You losy nothing hahah. The anime is essentially a gore fest with a lot of uneeded gross sexual scenes and with a story that had a lot of potential but was criminally neglected. In my honest opinion, the anime and the manga (yes, I watched and read it, don't recommend lol) could have been way better if the writers developed more the characters and made a better story development instead of being more interested in drawing gore and gore related stuff (which is actually the only thing that could redeem that, because the art indeed is very well done).

Anyways, that was my rant about it and I got a bit carried away too hahaha. What are some animes you regret having watched? I'm sure you must have had some pretty big disappointments in your professional weeb career hahaha.

extremelyboring Mar 20, 2021

Hey there, thanks for following :) you have an awesome favourites list and nice profile as well~

Have a great day/night!