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extremelyboring Mar 23, 2021

Alright, awesome to hear :))

Did any of them interest you? ^^ 

Thank you so muc for the recs! I've seen some of these arounf but they werent on my watch list so i'll add them! I have watched the start of Great pretender though and it's really interesting, I'll let you know when i finish it, How to keep a mummy looks so adorable and wholesome btw ahaha. 

All good ahaha, one other manga i'd recommend is Spy x Family. It's a comedy and it's very enjoyable :) I think it'll fit in with the genres you like ^^ 

I see you like Sleepy princess in the demon castle I'm finishing that right now and it awesome, evey episode is so funny, my personal favourite is Twilight, how about yours?

LaLeona Mar 23, 2021

Hello, the follow was absolutely my pleasure!

My favorite anime is One Piece and my favorite characters are Nami, Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro Roronoa, C.C., Mikasa Ackerman, and probably Armin Arlert.

What about you?

And thank you, I hope you have a lovely day as well. <3

10JQKA Mar 23, 2021

Exactly. I had to go to the manga to find that out. it's good you managed to do it without the manga cause, well, you just gained 40 minutes to do something more useful hahaha.

Cursed encouragement, I get it hahahah.

Yuno is the main character for me, I don't even care what people say hahaha. Aru was a really good character ngl, but I thought his death was lacklustre. I mean, Yuno just chopped his neck after a quick fight and that was it. I wish he had lived more, that would be interesting. Btw, what are your thoughts on Yuno? I personally really like her, but I understand people who hate her haha.

Oh, she looks like the annoying type ngl. A character I find a brat and really dislike is Erina from Food Wars. She's grumpy all the time and is just downright obnoxious. I have friends that say she gets better with time, but I highly doubt it, she seems too annoying to get better...

10JQKA Mar 22, 2021

Did you understand the ending first time? I had to read the manga for a shot at understanding the ending because in the movie it seemed too ambiguous...  You know, I didn't even remember her screams hahaha, but now that you mentioned them, I also was annoyed at them.

Well, then I might go for Killing Stalking eventually hahaha. Gotta return the favour for making you watch Midori lmao.

Ohhh, I understand that way too well hahah. If you ever watched Mirai Nikki then you know how despicable and obnoxious Yukiteru is... I hate everything about his character that in my opinion only exists so Yuno can be a yandere, 'cause honestly, she's more of a main character than Yuki will ever be lol.

10JQKA Mar 22, 2021

Hahaha, good luck!! Tell me what you think of it and if it sucked that bad lol. 

I understand how it is. I was reading "I Sold Off My Lifespan, For 10,000 Yen a Year" a while back and I had to stop midway through because the feels were overwhelming me. It's a good manga, top tier, but it'll probably shatter your heart and soul. Speaking of Killing Stalking, would you recommend it? 

I've read something about that actually. Most of these controversial animes and mangas are from beginner directors and mangakas that try to use the bizarre and the controversy to gain notoriety in the business. I mean, it's still fucked up content, but at least there's a logical reason behind it, not that it makes things any less bad hahaha.

Speaking of that, what was the most disturbing one you've ever seen/watched. Since you are a pro weeb, you must've heard about "177013", so, that was the most disturbing piece of content I've ever laid my eyes upon and I wish I could have never read it hahaha.