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extremelyboring Mar 25, 2021

I'll be able to start it Monday, can't wait!
I'm thinking of reading the manga honestly hahaha, there are so many chapters I was pretty suprprised and it's just hilarious, plus i'll get to find out more about the characters ^^

I really hope more comes out, but sadly I dont think anymore will with the show having low popularity, rates and funding but, I'll send you the link to the website I watched the OVA on. Its safe and there are no bad adds :) All the characters are soo funny and amusing to watch, I love when all these random and different personalitys get mashed hahaha. My favourote would have to be Kai~ 

I've started reading the manga thoug and it's awesome! It's sad the show has such a low rating...

10JQKA Mar 25, 2021

On me neither haha, Yukiteru is too obnoxious.

Ikr haha. She got me since the beginning when she teamed up with Soma in that exam. It was such a wholesome episode.

I binged it too. Yess, the elevator guy is such a cool guy and Decim has a huge development throught the anime. I really liked how they did that with him to test how human emotions would impact in the judges judging.

Ohhh, thanks so much for all these recs!! I'll be sure to go through all of them!! From that list I only watched Shiki and I enjoyed it a lot! My favourite character is by far Toshio. He has such an awesome background and development, plus he knows exactly what needs to be done and had the strenght and the courage to do so. Yukki is also a great character, and very essential to the story too 

Cowboy Bepop I only watched the first episode. I really liked it, but since I was watching other animes at the time I didn't watch more of it :/

10JQKA Mar 25, 2021

Hahaha, damn right. I wonder if the writers expected people to feel bad for Yukiteru, but I don't think so.

Ikr hahah. I think Japonese people enjoy bitchy characters like her, even though she's also way too bitchy, it's annoying.

Yesss, mine too, I love them. I forgot Megumi, but she's so sweet and kind, she's also one of my favourite, ngl.

That sounds cool, would you recommend those two animes? I saw Death Parade and I loved it! The characters are all very well written and the plot is great. Chiyuki is also such a good waifu with her personality and looks, I wouldn't change anything in this anime. If you want to list more feel free to, I'd love to know more about your favourite characters!!

extremelyboring Mar 25, 2021

Ohh yeah, I hope you like it! tell me what you think :) 

I'm probably going to want a pet mummy after watching it im sure ahaha. 

I love the comedy  in sleepy princess, it actually made me laugh thats for sure, I love the cast its so unique, awesome to see another Twilight fan haha and yes the princess is scary ahahaha she aint holding back from anything for her tasks, but makes it real funny. 

I also see youve watched the ones within! I havrnt met many people who've watched it~ I loved it so muc!! The OVA is especially hilarious if you havent watched it you should 100% check it out. 

10JQKA Mar 24, 2021

No doubt haha. Your expertise really did come in handy.

Ikr hahah. It's kinda of the same you're giving me with killing stalking hahah. I'll try to start it soon

For real, after Yuno killed Aru there was nothing and no one that could stop her. I still liked how the last episode developed, everyone got a happy ending (except Yukiteru, but, well, it's not like he deserved any kind of happy ending with that sucky ass obnoxious personality hahaha).

The first time she shows up I got like "oh, she's very confident in her skills, she might end up being a good character and such", but no... After being a snob and dismissing Soma for his first recipe I gave up on her completely... The anime is packed with good characters though, like Soma himself, chef Shinomiya (who's one of my favourite characters, and it's such a shame he appears so little) and that dude that's always naked while wearing an appron (ugh, can't believe I forgot his name hahaha). What are your favourite characters from this show?