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10JQKA Mar 30, 2021

lowkey only? I'm gonna be like that highkey hahah. Now that I finally started watching anime I'm going full throttle hahah.

Let me know if they help you! Btw, I just watched an anime that aired today it's first episode. It's called Mars Red and it's about a vampire epidemic that's going through Japan in 1923. The first episode was really good, and since you like vampires and gore (there isn't much gore actually, but still lol), you might like this one.

Hahaha, I remember it. I used to watch it while going to bed, so my sleepy ass failed those security checks more times than I can remember... Ikr, one of these days I remembered about the existence of an anime I watched ages ago and spent easily 30 minutes to an hour searching for it hahah. Thankfully I found it, it's "Summer Days With Coo" if you wanna check this one out too. 

10JQKA Mar 29, 2021

Ayy, cheers for that ;)

Exactly. Yukki was essential in beating up Tatsumi, but he was nowhere near as important in actually defeating the whole vampire menace. 

I can already imagine you in your 50s being like "I can't go today, I have an anime to binge" hahaha. Ngl, I'll be probably doing the same hahaha.

Those are good sites! I use 9anime and animepahe most often and a couple of other sites in Portuguese (my mother language) that probably won't be useful for you because of the language barrier. I never had an issue in finding anime in those sites, so I recommend you to try them out! :)

It was on air for 8 years before it got unexpectedly shut down, such a shame... It must be crazy to wander around this site and find anime that you saw a long time ago. I bet you feel very nostalgic, don't you? 

10JQKA Mar 29, 2021

Hey! Got a bit busy but I'm back now :)

Yesss, he has some awesome character development!! And he even leads people after discovering the truth to erradicate the vampires. A bold and merciless leader, but he was the person needed at that moment to stop the destruction of the village.

Damn, how there's still anime out there that you haven't watched? hahaha.

I use the stalled for the ones I'm actually stalling or those that I have no plan to keep watching in the near future but still can't get the courage to drop haha. What site/sites do you use? I can help you find some better ones where you can find out the content you want!

Ohhh, kissanime... I didn't use it for long, but damn, it'll be missed :(

10JQKA Mar 26, 2021

Exactly. Technically speaking, Chiyuki wouldn't have been saved or reincarnated, however, the bond she created with Decim got her that privilege. And that scene from the gif you attached is just top tier, I loved that part and the whole final arc was amazing.

Yesss hahaha. At first he had me doubting his actions, but then I realised that if I was in a similar situation I'd do all in my power and probably do the same. I mean, he tortured his wife to find out how to kill the vampires, so, if that's not determination and strong will I don't know what is.

I have countless animes that I keep saying that I'll watch but they stay forever in my want to watch list hahaha. I remember when I had like 50 and used to say "haha, look at how many anime I have to watch" and now I have 166 and counting and, bruh, it's not fun anymore, I don't even know where to start at hahaha.