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For those who use MAL here's my MAL profile:

My Kissanime list: 

If you got a problem with me liking dub then fuck off and unfollow me

Personally, I think the no-drop policy is just asinine people are free to drop a series if it's trash

What I like:

Video gaming


Going out

People with sense

Anyone who has a good sense of humour


Early starts

Snowflakes who get offended over everything


Fillers (Looking at you Naruto and Bleach)

Crappy Character development


If a particular series gets delayed or canceled

Favourite genres:




Yuri/Shoujo Ai





Genres I hate:

Yaoi/Shounen Ai

Reverse Harem


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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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TsumiMitzuki Nov 5, 2019

Animation is another story.Story-wise both are evenly matched.

I like both KNY and BNHA,but character-wise,Tanjiro is a more balanced and fresh MC than Deku.Unlike many of the shonen MCs I have seen,he's empathetic without veering off into stupid good,and i find his reason for becoming a fighter more compelling tbh.Seeing you watched only 2 episodes and haven't read the manga,you haven't meet the Pillars yet.

On the side note,how do you think about my 'idfc' and updated hated characters list btw?

TsumiMitzuki Nov 4, 2019

KNY may not be for you,but calling it the worst might be out of stretch?I would say it is better than those animes you mentioned and probably even BNHA.

Seeing you only watched 2 episodes,maybe you need to continue it to the spider demon family part,because that’s where the story gets good.


lolitaorcalover1456 Nov 1, 2019

who was your first tsundere

lolitaorcalover1456 Oct 29, 2019

i hate yanderes i hate villans anti heros and jerks to

tsunderes i like are

utau shugo chara

kyou clannad

rei sailor moon

kasumi pokemon

kagome inuyasha

i hate

louise ZNK

naru love hina

kirino orimo

akane ranma

kirie girls bravo

lolitaorcalover1456 Oct 27, 2019

i hate tsunderes to