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Odd Taxi

Jun 29, 2021

Odd taxi is definitely  the biggest surprise this season, with animal characters, a solid mystery and interesting characters really does make this anthropomorphic drama really set itself apart. Right away I'll say this isn't a 3/4 test show, it definitely pulls you in whether you like it or not (a few of my friends who didn't like it still watched it out of curiosity). So despite me likening it there were some issues like slow pacing, too much focus on certain arcs (the comedians to be specific) and tying up loose ends at random spots or the last second. It's bit hard to go into bigger complaints without spoiling so it's really all I can say. Otherwise if you do decide to watch its well worth so sit back and enjoy although your going to want to pay attention. Now for those curious here's the more detailed spoiler free review. 

first off the animation, it's a different style and it's nice and vibrant, can't ask for any more. It does remind me of old American kids cartoons which's is why I liked it. 

for the sound I'll just say the OP is great and does a great job being different and refreshing without following sometrend (I'm looking at you jujutsu Kaisen EP)  really the music is great whereas the rest of the sound is good but not great 

Next are the characters, which for a show that really needs great charcters to be good this one really doesn't have any. Almost every character is very human, I mean that they interact, and talk like how normal people would. There are a few outliers( the cat, rapper boy, and the park martial arts scene) but for the most part they did an amazing job there.

Finally the story, I'll start with the bad, first to many coincidenental characters running into each other, Tokyo has 13 million people (yes I looked it up) and where I live has 600,000 and I almost never run into my neighbors,coworkers or friends. Although forgivable in some parts others have major roles in pushing the story since for the most part the story is being pushed by side charcters and not walrus guy. That's where the good starts though, most of the show is held in the guys taxi which then spreads out to the overal arcing story. Also the story is very easy to follow and keeps you interested with different story lines, now to the final bad some story lines weren't good and the fact that EVERY storyline ties directly into the 1 of the 2 main story arcs is another tick to the whole coincidence thing. To be fair it's a short myster show so it's not a bad negative to have. 
this show does however have a great/ bad ending, no spoilers so don't worry. For the most part the last episode is amazing great closure a satisfying ending except for the last 10 seconds all I will say so that ambiguous endings that are open to a very vaguely interpretation for either a sequel or whatever isn't good plain and simple. Really don't watch the last few minute it's just not worth it. 

well that's was a bit longer than normal so if you stuck this far thanks go get you a snack you've earned, and if you decide to watch off taxi which it is worth the watch then enjoy the biggest surprise this season! Thanks for the read and have a good day 

9/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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